Checking Out The Latest In Mud Flaps

Checking Out The Latest In Mud Flaps

While they often are seen on the interstate with funny graphics, mud flaps serve a much larger purpose than just making kids laugh in the backseat on a road trip. In fact, they play a key role in keeping your vehicle looking clean and sharp. Plus, there are different flaps for different occasions. Just like you wouldn’t wear your Sunday finest to go paintballing, you wouldn’t take your street flaps mudding.


What’s A Flap?

Before we get into the latest and greatest of mud flaps, it’s important to understand the duty of a mud flap, which gives a better understanding as to which flap is best for different occasions. The name is fairly self-explanatory, but mud flaps are for more than just stopping mud from flying up on to your vehicle’s paint job.

In fact, mud flaps actually provide a good deal of protection, not only for your car, but for other drivers and pedestrians, as well. The flap blocks rocks and other debris that your tires kick up from getting shot out the back of your vehicle at a high rate of speed. If something sharp were to get picked up and catapulted into the air, it could seriously hurt someone or shatter a windshield, possibly resulting in a car accident.

Flap Of All Trades

When you start looking at flaps, you should always first decide what the primary purpose of your vehicle will be. It doesn’t make much sense to spend money on something for the mud pit if you’ll be spinning tires on the pavement most of the time.

Once you have that figured out, head on over to and start browsing. With products from 12 different brands, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Check these out:
  • Owens Products, Inc.’s rubber with stainless steel mud flaps. These flaps are perfect for light trucks and vans from Ford, GMC, Chevy, Dodge. Although mostly rubber, these flaps include a stainless steel plate that greatly reduces the chances of anything flying out of your wheel well. Owens Products, Inc. also makes a similar flap with diamond tread, if some flair is more your style.
  • DeeZee makes flaps in several different styles that are perfect for any GMC, Chevy, Dodge or Ford. DeeZee flaps include a custom fit application and are easily installed. DeeZees are made from OEM-approved materials, sold in pairs and come in both front and rear styles. Check them out in black composite, stainless steel and Brite-tread.
  • PlastiColor Featuring 3 1/16”-inch black vinyl rubber, PlastiColor flaps come in numerous sizes and come with a variety of logos and animations on them, including Looney Tunes characters Yosemite Sam and the Tasmanian Devil. Want to show off your favorite brands or logos? Maybe send a funny message to other drivers? These are the flaps for you.
  • RBP Mud Flaps offer several options for keeping the dirt, debris and mud on the ground. Featuring designs made specifically for Dodge, Ford, Chevy and Toyota, RBP also offers a universal design for any vehicle. Each set of flaps, whether in black or polished designs, come with mounting brackets and a lifetime warranty.
So there you have it: a guide to picking out and getting the most out of your mud flaps. Odds are, you won’t be forgetting about them, anymore, now that you know how important they are to each drive.

If you have any questions about which mud flaps are right for your off-road machine, be sure to ask the experts at 4WheelOnline by calling 813-769-2451. The guys are happy to answer any questions about their off-roading products.

By Sean Bowes
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