Charm and Protection with Fab Four Black Steel Elite Bumper

Your truck’s bumper is one of the most conspicuous accessories and therefore a quick option for customizing its appearance. Besides enhancing looks, it serves the important function of protecting your truck’s body from damage caused by impact with obstacles. As a solution to your need for a stylish and strong bumper for your truck, Fab Four’s latest innovation, the Black Steel Elite Bumper is an unparalleled design. It is available for both Front and Rear to ensure your truck is protected from damage on both ends.
Ford Raptor

This contemporary improvement on Fab Four’s Black Steel Ranch Bumper range is all the rage amongst truck owners with good reasons:


This premium bumper derives its outstanding acclaim from a uniquely streamlined design. The bumper matches your truck’s body line, providing an exact smooth, contoured fit. There are no tapered edges or vertical flanges. This refreshingly clean look gives your truck a powerful yet sleek look. The bumpers are available in a rugged Black Powder Coat or smooth Black Steel finish to suit your preference.


Despite its smooth, streamlined design, The Fab Four Black Steel Elite Bumper is built for the harshest outdoor conditions. Fashioned from a combination of the sturdiest pipe, punch plate and tread plate, this steel bumper features a welded one-piece construction. This guarantees a heavy duty bumper that is as reliable as it is durable.
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The Fab Four Black Steel Elite Bumper is a full replacement bumper available for Chevy, Dodge, GMC, Nissan and Toyota trucks. This ensures an exact clean fit for your truck. It is available in three different guard options:

a simple base bumper with No Guard

a base bumper with Pre Runner grill guard

a bumper with Full Guard options for your grill


The Black Steel Elite Bumper comes with D-Ring fog light mounts and heavy duty winch mounts that can handle 10,00lb, 12,000lb and 16,500lb loads. There are several other accessory options available to further customize your truck. These include winch mount trays, front mount receiver, D-ring shackle mounts and shackles.


To preserve the integrity of your truck’s factory or aftermarket hardware, the Black Steel Elite Bumper makes use of the existing receiver hitch and wiring locations. Back up sensor holes are included, but tuning may be required on some sensitive models. Since it is a one piece bumper, it should be easy to install and comes equipped with all necessary hardware plus installation instructions.
Ford Raptor


Fab Four’s renowned quality standards are exemplified in the Black Steel Elite Bumper series, combining innovative design with reliable manufacturing, to give an admirable and dependable Front and Rear bumper for all types of trucks.

Now you can outfit your truck with the sleek, strong and indeed elite Fab Four Black Steel Elite Bumper. Protect your vehicle’s Front and Rear ends from the hazards of on and off-road trails while adding charm and character. With enviable charming contours, unmatched strength and a smooth finish, this premium bumper is worth splashing out on. Ask about the Fab Four Black Steel Elite Bumper from today.

By: James Langston
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