Safety Tips All ATV Owners Should Observe

To ensure your safety and that of other road users, we have prepared a list of some of the safety tips to keep in mind.
Blonde in red thong on an ATV

Inspect the ATV Regularly

Just like any mechanical equipment, ATVs need maintenance if they are to perform as expected. When the ATV is not properly maintained, problems such as fuel leakage or failing brakes may occur leading to accidents. Some of the things you can look for when maintaining your ATV include Low air pressure, loose nuts and bolts, poorly adjusted brakes and Leaking oil and gas tanks.

Wear Protective Gear

To ensure you are safe when on the ATV, always use protective gear. These will protect you from injuries in case of an accident. Some of the essential gear to have include a helmet for protection of the head, goggles to ensure your visibility is not compromised, jackets, gloves and pants to keep the skin safe from abrasions and boots to help you control the pedal better.
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Never Ride When Drunk

It may be common sense but we just have to say it; never ride your ATV when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Riding when under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an offense and can lead to serious jail time. Riding when under the influence or these substances also leads to impaired judgement that may end up causing accidents.

Be Cautious When On the Highway

ATVs are meant to be used off road but you may regularly have to cross the road or highway when riding one. Before crossing the road, make sure you stop completely and make sure there is nothing obstructing your path. If the path is clear, check that there are no oncoming vehicles and cross the road. If you are planning to ride on the highway, make sure you observe all the requirements regarding vehicle permits for your state. This will ensure you do not have any run-ins with the law.
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Do Not Ride When Fatigued

For those who plan to ride their ATVs over long distances, keep in mind that fatigue may set in and this can be a big problem. If you know the exact distance you will cover, divide it into short segments to give your body time to rest and avoid fatigue. If at any point during your trip you feel exhausted, take time to rest and stretch you back and legs before jumping back to your ATV.

By: James Langston
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