Mikuni Fuel & Air

Mikuni provides a rational range of aftermarket pumps and rebuild kits for different engines and ATV manufacturers. Our online store offers LOW PRICE and exclusively developed Mikuni Round Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit for the Yamaha Rhino. Acknowledged as the leader in cutting-edge technology for internal combustion engines and related systems, Mikuni makes products that come second to NONE.

For over 334 years, Mikuni Corporation reached it two-fold role as a provider of Japanese products in America, and American products in Japan. Presenting the best quality products in both markets, truly, Mikuni is an outstanding company preferred by many.

Carburetors, fuel injection components, pumps, sensors, throttle-body are just a few of Mikuni’s line of exceptional products acquired from the advanced machinery and hard work of its different office operations. Mikuni is evident in Los Angeles, Chicago, and with its manufacturing facilities in Japan and Mexico.

Developing the company’s infrastructure in Japan that started since 1923, Mikuni is now able to provide American manufacturers and suppliers an exclusive break for supporting and expanding their markets in the Japanese aerospace industry and more. Working closely together with Mikuni Shoko in Japan, it resulted in the most reliable aftermarket products. Along with Mikuni, we make every effort to offer the top-quality products at reasonable prices plus the best service anywhere, anytime.