Lone Star Racing
ATV Swingarms

Lone Star Racing is one of the largest ATV components, parts and performance parts manufacturers known in the automotive market. Over the decade, they produced quality ATV chassis and suspension components and some custom parts with diverse products in the industry.

The LoneStar Racing Swing Arm is made with fine durable 4130 chromoly steel with god finished for strength and durability. This is a performance parts that can give all ATVs a optional parts for better support and riding.

The swing arm comes with the front needle bearings and uses all other OEM components. A optional skid plate mounts is also included to add some support and style but always comes with a mount for a Banshee style rear chain guide. All LoneStar Racing Swing Arms are design to fir the stock carrier or the LSR bearing housing or carrier.

Bearing Housing Rebuild Kit

The LoneStar Racing Bearing Housing Rebuild Kit is the combination of quality parts to have everything inside the housing. It is made from durable and quality stainless steel finish so it would last for a long time. The Bearing Housing is almost the same as the billet and cast housings. The bearings are pressed in and should be installed by a professional.

Swingarm Pivot Bolts

Hardened steel swing arm pivot bolts are far stronger than stock and yellow zinc plated for added protection against corrosion.

Twin Row Bearing Housings

The billet aluminum bearing housings are machined from 6061 aluminum for superior housing strength. Bearing Carriers are complete, ready to drop in and ride. They come complete with heavy duty double row bearings, seals, and a steel center tube.