Cylinder Works

Our convenient, drop in, four-stroke Cylinder Works cylinders take the hassle and time out of sending in every worn or damaged cylinders for re-plating. For more power at an affordable price, replace every OEM cylinder with one of our big bore cylinder kits. All Cylinder Works cylinders, standard and big bore, look virtually identical to the OEM. Plus, they are Nickel Silicon Carbide plated for long life and precision honed to exact size for easy piston installation. The big bore cylinders are designed as a true "drop in" with no extra machine work to every engine or cases.

C&L companies now brings us Cylinder Works complete cylinder kits by combining Vertex piston, Vertex rings, Cometic Gaskets and cylinders to make this a simple bolt on kit for every motor. They make kits for ATV applications in standard bore, big bore, and standard bore high compression kits. These cylinders will work with a standard or stroker crankshaft and rod.. So if anyone want to make every dirt bike or quad engine get up and go, choose C&L products. C&L has added this kit to their current lines of Hot Cams, Pivot Works, Hot Rods Main Bearings, Seals, Cranks and Connecting Rods.