A Guide for Purchasing a Suspension Lift Kit

A Guide for Purchasing a Suspension Lift Kit

Based on the off-road adventure you plan to have, you will need to consider the amount of lift you will need and want. Additionally, the kind of terrain you ride on determines the type of lift you will require for your suspension.
Chevy truck lifted by suspension

Selecting the Right Lift Kits for Your Truck

At times, it is challenging to get the right suspension lift kit for your SUV or Truck. Furthermore, because of the forces and weight involved in the suspension system, you can at times find it extremely tricky to install a suspension lift kit. It is possible to shop for the suspension lift kit and then look for a professional to install it for you. Whatever the decision you make, know that by buying a kit- whether a Dodge Ram suspension lift kit or Rancho suspension lift kit- you are transforming your ride for the better.

Types of Lift Kits

There are two types of lift kits for your truck or SUV, i.e suspension lift kit and body lift kit. This is whether you just want to raise your truck’s body a bit higher or you want to add a set of monster tires. Each lift kit is designed to fit your unique model, make and year. The body lift kit raises your truck’s body on a stock suspension system. On the other hand, a suspension lift kit raises the truck’s frame and body by changing the height of the suspension components.
Chevy truck lifted by suspension

Modern lift kits are simple built with state of art technology. This makes them to bolt easily onto your stock suspension without chopping, welding or fabrication. You can simply mount the torsion caps, keys, blocks, spacers and you are all prepared to go.

The Advantages of the Lift Kits

When you modify the height of your truck, it is important for you to take note of your suspension system. This is because the suspension lift kits in your truck or car can effectively support your vehicle’s weight, cargo and passengers thus allowing the wheels and tires to move up and down compensating for uneven pavement. The suspension lift kits prevent excessive dive and body squat while braking or accelerating. However, for optimal safety and performance, it is always recommended to pair a lift kit with suspension components for example shock absorbers.
Ford F-150 truck lifted by suspension

The shocks absorb jarring pitfalls that you are likely to encounter on your average road driving thus keeping your ride comfortable and smooth. Every suspension system is robotically welded for quality and accuracy.

By: Jon Aragon
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