New Rockstar Wheel - 811 Black and Machined

Over the past few years, XD has been blowing up in the aftermarket wheel world. They’ve been involved in setting monster truck jump records, and they been spanking the off-road racing competition with partnerships with top name drivers like Travis Pastrana, Bryce Menzies, and Ricky Johnson.
The new XD RockStar XD811

Of course, this extension of greatness is only made possible because XD has been producing top of the line wheels that have been raising the bar when it comes to performance. In fact, they are so good that everyone in the industry is quick to praise the dominant brand.

"KMC XD Wheels are recognized for their cutting edge design and a unique marketing style like no other,” said Lucas Oil VP Bob Patison in a recent interview. Well, XD Rockstar backed up Patison’s words once again with the highly anticipated release of their XD Rockstar 811 Black and Machined Wheel.

XD Unleashes New 811 Wheel

XD has become so big recently that new product releases have become celebrated events in the truck world. And guess what? That excitement was felt with XD’s latest release of the new Rockstar 811 Black and Machined Wheel.

For off-road enthusiasts, the new Black and Machined Wheel is the perfect addition to the KMC XD lineup. It features the recognizable center Rockstar logo, as well as angled spokes and innovative bolt-on accent pieces that allow customers to customize their wheels. But unlike previous designs, the Black and Machined wheel design adds even more to the perception of depth that the wheel already conjures.

Aftermarket insider Jon Aragon says, “Fans of XD have been begging for a Black and Machined 811 design for a while now. Now, they’ve got it, and it’s one of the coolest wheels on the market today. Its combination of black and silver is electric.”

The new KMC RockStar XD811
Some of the other features found on the new Rockstar 811 Black and Machined Wheel include:

A one piece construction that solidifies the wheel’s strength and style

A size ranging anywhere from 17 to 24 inches.

Great lifetime structural warranty, along with a 1 year finish warranty

Classic, thick 5-spoke design with machined dual rivet accents

If you have any more questions about KMC or their latest Rockstar 811 Black and Machined Wheel or any other Wheel please be sure to give our customer service team a holler at 4wheelonline. We’re more than happy to help. (813) 769-2451

By: Tim Snyder
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