Warn Snatch Blocks

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24,000 Lbs. Snatch Block
  - WAR-15640
Price: $278.79
Sale Price: $195.15

24,000 lbs maximum capacity heavy-duty snatch block with grease port and overload indicator. For winch capacities to M12000 with 7/16" (11mm) wire rope.
33,000 lbs.-Industrial Grade Snatch Block
  - WAR-1063490
Price: $268.13
Sale Price: $187.69
33,000 lbs. (14,968 kg)

36,000 lbs.-Industrial Grade Snatch Block
  - WAR-78387
Price: $389.99
Sale Price: $299.95
36,000 lbs. (16,329 kg)

60,000 lbs.-Industrial Grade Snatch Block
  - WAR-80858
Price: $1,629.00
Sale Price: $1,299.00
60,000 lbs. (27,215 kg)

7,000 Lbs. Snatch Block
  - WAR-28881
Price: $69.99
Sale Price: $54.95

7,000 lbs maximum capacity snatch block. For winch capacities to Z3500 with 7/32" wire rope.

Used properly, the multi-purpose snatch block can double the pulling power of any winch, or change your pulling direction without damaging the wire rope. They also help to reduce heat build up and amp draw. Available for most WARN applications.