What You Need To Know About Truck Bed Mats

What You Need To Know About Truck Bed Mats

We see it every single day. A truck owner who is proud of their machine, waxes it religiously and keeps it maintained perfectly only to look in the bed of the truck... Dirt, grime, small dings and chipped paint ruin the exterior of an otherwise perfect machine. For most truck owners, it’s the single most overlooked modification that enthusiasts forget to install.

Truck Bed Mats...

...are the easiest way to protect the rear of your truck. Forget trying to lay old blankets over the bed to let your cargo slide around, today there are several different options for truck owners looking to install Bed Mats without hurting the looks of their rides.

In fact, many enthusiasts install Truck Bed Mats without any intentions of hauling gear. Modern bed mats actually add to the style of rides, making it a great addition for guys who are looking to dress up the exterior of their vehicles.

Truck Bed Mats are used to prevent abrasions, scratches and messes in the back of trucks. In addition to being easy to clean (for paint and/or oil spills), the mats are also an innovative solution for keeping cargo from sliding around. However, truck owners should know that there are a few different types of bed mats to choose.

Which Mat Is Right For You?

At 4WheelOnline, we are one of the biggest suppliers for quality aftermarket Truck Bed Mats, so we know there are several different types and styles of products that are Available For any make or model of truck. Today, there are four different types of Truck Bed Mats that are popular with enthusiasts. Check them out below.


These bed liners are unlike anything we have ever seen. With a soft, cushioned surface, the Bedrug is perfect for movers who want to transport precious cargo. Additionally, the material is easy to clean and nearly impossible to stain (even with abrasive liquids like oil or gasoline).

Bed Mats

The same inventors of the Bedrug have brought out a smaller truck mat that literally drops right in any bed truck. These mats are held in with hook and loop fasteners to provide a stable working surface with a limited lifetime performance guarantee.


The ProTecta bed mats are 3/8 thick to offer more cushion and stability for truck owners for any shifting cargo that moves in and out of the bed. The custom molded mats fit perfectly around wheel wheels and require no trimming. Plus, they’re made in the USA, so you know they will never crack or break, even in cold weather.

Most of quality aftermarket bed mats that are available today are easy to install and are vehicle-specific, so there is no cutting or trimming required. Plus, they’re easy to remove for cleaning. Furthermore, they are just extremely durable and can handle water, snow and mud without any problems.

BudRugs look soft and supple, so we were concerned that they might not hold up well against water and mold, so we got in touch with a spokesperson from the company.

“What happens if theBedRug gets wet,” we asked. “Will water get underneath the BedRug and cause my bed to rust?

They responded: “Much like a life vest, BedRug's closed-cell polymer construction can't hold water - it runs right off. The paint in the bed of your truck is designed to shed water the same way the rest of the paint on your vehicle does. The BedRug works in conjunction with your factory drain holes to remove any residual moisture. Unlike spray-in liners, which scuff the paint before application, and drop-in liners that can scuff and scratch the bed with use, the BedRug's non-abrasive backing will not compromise the integrity of your paint and in turn will not cause your truck bed to rust.”

If you’re still not sure which type of truck bed mat is right for you, be sure to call the vehicle experts at 4WheelOnline.com at (813)-769-2451. The guys at 4Wheel are happy to with any of your truck bed questions. By Sean Bowes

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