The Simplicity of Side Steps and Hitch Steps

Let’s begin by making some clear definitions to distinguish between what each of these vehicle accessories is and does.
side steps versus hitch steps

Side Steps versus Hitch Steps

A Side step is basically a hoop located below a truck’s door to provide stepping support to a passenger or driver. The hoop is shaped in a way that the arced side protrudes outwards away from the door to make it easy to use as a stepping surface. It will also have a stepping surface made of rubber or metal (most likely aluminum) that features a tread pattern, which provides additional friction to keep you stable as you tread on it.

Hitch steps, on the other hand, are similar in appearance to side steps, but they are used to access the truck bed. They can thus be mounted at the back of the truck. Getting into the truck bed can especially be a tedious process especially due to the fact that this section of the truck is not exactly designed for human passengers. With a hitch step you don’t even need to open the truck bed door and can simply hop up into it by thrusting yourself over with the help of the hitch step.
side steps versus hitch steps

Identifying the Structures

Hitch steps and side steps are made in a more innovative and wider range of blueprints. They range from simple loop structures to more advanced multi-piece designs such as the M.O.R.E Hide-A-Step side step. This advanced hot side step retracts and extends from underneath the truck’s frame to your needs through its jointed structure.

Advantages of Side Steps and Hitch Steps

One grand advantage that side steps and hitch steps have over step nerf bars and regular nerf bars is their flexibility. You can install them at any position below the truck and this can come in handy if you already have a step nerf bar installed, which does not have an additional step for the truck bed. Furthermore, they are just as easy to remove as they are to mount.
side steps versus hitch steps

The M.O.R.E Hide A Step side step gets removed by pulling the two pins that attach it onto the truck’s body. This saves you from the risks of having these hot market accessories getting stolen. This is particularly helpful for truckers who park around public streets at night. The other advantage that comes with having quickly removable side steps is that is reduces the chances of exposing them to damages especially those encountered on off road trails. These include rocks and shrubbery which could brush against the steps and bend them or leave scratches and dents.

By: James Langston
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