The Classic Finishes of MOTO Metal Wheels

Moto Metal Wheels are a step away from the traditional and more convenient wheels. They are uniquely engineered from an array of metal alloys that consist of Magnesium and Aluminum. Moto Metal Wheels offer your vehicle that smooth polished look for a modern feel to it.

Moto wheels bring colors to the streets
With an attractive price tag that does not leave a hole in your pocket, not forgetting the alluring style and urbane look the wheels add on to your automobile, Moto Metal wheels offer a wide range of wheels in different sizes for trucks and SUV’s. These long lasting wheels are available in a number of amazing finishes that we are going to take a look at:

MOTO Metal Wheels: Finishes


Moto wheels bring colors to the streets
Black finishes on Moto Metal Wheels customize your truck with an added sporty look which is classic yet somewhat conservative. They are suitable for the sporty driver who desires a good-looking car on track or off-road terrains. Moto metal wheels that boast of the illustrious black finishes include the MO 951 Black Moto Metal Wheels.


Looking for that statement piece on your vehicle that will make your vehicle stand out on the road? Chrome Moto Metal Wheels are not only sophisticated with an air of divine style about them, they are also very alluring and very memorable to all who see them. From the Moto Metal Wheel series, we have MO951 Chrome Wheels, MO955 Chrome, MO959 Chrome, MO961Chrome, MO962 Chrome and MO964 Chrome Moto Meta Wheels. The exception is that MO969 Chrome Wheels with Red Accent finishes.

Matte Black

This softer and less-presumptuous shade of black is the new fashion statement when it comes to Moto Metal wheels. This more inviting and cool shade is available on MO 957 Matte Black Wheels, MO963 Matte Black Machined and the MO971 Satin Black wheels.

Satin Black

Satin Black finishes give an elegant, refined and sophisticated look to your automobile. They grace the sturdy wheels of your SUV or truck. These wheel models include MO 968 Satin Black, MO967 and MO967 series and the MO964 Satin Black Milled Moto wheels.

Gloss Black

Gloss black finishes are attractive and striking to the eye. These finishes offer a great background to the rich accents either from the silver or red rivets on the wheel. Moto Metal Wheels are sprayed on with a Gloss Black primer and they include MO962, MO965, MO965 Gloss Black Milled and MO969 Gloss Black with Red accents.
Moto wheels bring colors to the streets

Bright PVD Finishes

The PVD coating stands for the process of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) that serves as a decorative coating for the wheel. This finish is considered a preferable substitute to the conventional Chrome plating. The Bright PVD finish is considered a more eco-friendly and long-lasting method with a guarantee of up to 5 years. These wheels are OEM approved and include: MO963 Moto Metal Wheels.

By: James Langston
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