The Best of DiabloSport Tuners

DiabloSport is the revolutionary think-tank behind automotive performers such as tuners, programmers and catch cans in the aftermarket industry. Boasting of the newest and most interactive technology on the market, DiabloSport is known to increase horsepower levels to the highest degree in order to achieve overall vehicle performance.
Black corvette tuned with DiabloSport

DiabloSport allows for power and performance upgrades for truck enthusiasts, as well as professional and everyday drivers. DiabloSport tuners are well designed of the finest craftsmanship with enormous customization benefits.

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A look at the best aftermarket accessories in the DiabloSport line of products:


The instant plug-ins are simple to install accessories set to increase torque, horsepower and in general automotive performance. DiabloSport Power Puck is the predecessor of the new age Extreme Puck which is proven to increase vehicle performance up by 30%.for better overall driving experience Diablo Power Puck comes with better fuel management as they re-map fuel delivery of the diesel injection pump. It will not damage the injection pump by attempting to go past the factory fuel limits. They are great for towing and promote truck safety. They can improve horsepower up to 90hp with 180 feet per pound. They are suitable for Jeep, Dodge, Ford and the Chevy/ GMC series.


DiabloSport In tune package comes with USB Cable, OBD2 Cable, user manual, quick Star Guide and 1 DiabloSport sticker. This package is affordably priced and is easy to install. It is the most advanced hand held tuner in the market. This universal aftermarket product is appropriate for Dodge, GMC, and ford models of vehicles that use petrol and diesel. They feature a dual processor with 1 GHz capacity for fast delivery of instructions; DiabloSport In tune tuners hold the record of the fastest tune load times for any program. These modern design performance enhancers feature colored touch screens with fastest tunes for memory and power. With free online updates, they come with a full year warranty and safe for your vehicle warranty as well.
DiabloSport tuner module


DiabloSport Mafia with Mass Air Flow Sensors are the ultimate plug-and-play device exclusively designed for Ford. They are made available to you in 12 inch, 24 inch and 36 inch extension plus extender to better regulate MAF sensor voltage. They come with 8 key custom settings for horsepower ranges of up to +800 Horsepower, from race cars to trucks to street cars. DiabloSport Mafia tuners are supported by unique tuning software programs such as the DiabloSport CMR tuning system. They are well-priced and promote on road performance for better automobile output on the road.

By: James Langston
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