Rockstar Wheels Rolls Out Loud New Styles

Rock Stars have a bad reputation. Whether it’s staying out all night and having unconventional styles or just being wild and making the local girls weak in the knees, rockers have always had a bad rap for being rough around the edges. Rockstar Wheels are no exception.

Rock star wheels are adding flavor
Recently at 4WheelOnline, we had the chance to see what a true “rock n’ roll” wheel looked like. Whether you drive a big body sedan, a dually, an SUV or a plain old Ford F150, the addition of a set of these aggressive wheels can make your vehicle go from mild to wild.

For most owners, the most important thing to consider when purchasing a new set of wheels is how well it’s made. With a complex design and limitless options on lug patterns and finishes, you can rest assured that each Rockstar wheel has been engineered to perfection. The off-roading powerhouse KMC Wheels oversees the entire Rockstar operation in Riverside, California. At their facility, engineers work to create wheels that can perform the duties of daily commuting as well as competitive racing and off-roading events.

Built To Handle Abuse

Rock star wheels are adding flavor
Just like Keith Richards, Rockstar Wheels were made to take anything that you can throw out them. Luckily, you don’t need to mix any illegal substances to see what these rims can handle. The custom look of Rockstar wheels may have you thinking that they’re built for show, but the proof is in the history of their manufacturer.

For more than 30 years, off-road racers have been trusting the engineers and founders of Rockstar Wheels to outfit their machines with most durable and best performing rims on the market. In turn, desert racers and monster truck owners have brought home endless trophies because of their strength. Most recently, Joe Sylvester set a world record distance jump in his monster truck where he flew thru the air 237-ft with his XD Rockstar Wheels.

Rockstar’s Wheels For Dedicated Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for a wheel that mixes durability with innovative designs, take a look below. The latest lineup of Rockstar Wheels embodies true class and super modern spoke designs that give a custom look to any automobile. Furthermore, all of their wheels come with a endless lug pattern options, so they can be made to fit virtually any truck. Check out the new wheels below:

Rock star wheels are adding flavor
XD775: If these wheels can withstand being thrown thru the air 240 feet at 80mph without breaking a spoke, then you better believe that they can take whatever abuse you can throw at them. The record-breaking XD775 is a machined adventure-styled rim that was built to ride hard. The rim is available in 17’’ all the way up to 24’’ monster sizes.

Rock star wheels are adding flavor
XD775 Chrome Dually: Just like the record-breaking rim, the XD775 Dually was made from high quality alloy that provides strength without adding weight. The five-spoke wheel comes with a polished chrome finish that can attach a bit of bling to any dually. Plus, the custom center caps protrude outward, which gives them a style all of their own.

Rock star wheels are adding flavor
XD811 II: These wheels truly live up the name “Rockstar.” A 5-point nautical star embosses the center cap while innovative bolt-on accent pieces allows enthusiasts to remove or add pieces of flair to their wheels for an authentic custom look. Each piece can be removed with in minutes, so you can change look your at the drop of a hat. The XD811 II is available in a wide range of widths and diameters to fit any enthusiast’s needs.

The guys at KMC have been producing top-notch wheels for trucks for more than three decades, and Rockstar’s latest wheels show how their experience has paid off. With cutting edge style and unbeatable durability, these wheels can make any boring vehicle look like a superstar. So, when you’re looking to replace the dull OEM alloy wheels that came on your ride originally, remember you can always switch it up ride like a Rockstar.

By Sean Bowes
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