Picking the Right ATV Tire for the Right Environment

Picking the Right ATV Tire for the Right Environment

It is a known fact that not all ATV tires are made the same. They vary in size, design and even more importantly, adaptability. Your ATV may adapt to muddy terrains easily but fail to pummel through desert sand because of the tires you have on. Fortunately, we will now be able to categorize these tires to know which one works best where.

What ATV Tires Work Best in Sand??

ATV tires can be a pain.
ATV tires designed for riding over sand are designed with less weight, as well as a spaced out paddle design that can easily clear chunks of sand from the ATV’s path. The minimized weight also helps to prevent the wheels from sinking into the sand as the ATV slows down. This can easily happen on loose sand dunes. EFX’s Moto Sandslinger ATV tire is a good example of a tire that adopts this design principle. Sandslinger tires weigh 12 pounds on the front and 23 pounds on the rear pair. They have a 4 ply structure with a smooth treadless surface on the front set and a unique 14 paddle exterior on the rear.

Other tire brands that are suited for cutting through dunes include:

• Kenda Sand Gecko

• Kenda Dune Runner

• Cheng Shin C899 Sand Pro tire

• Cheng Shin Ablaze CS02 Sand tire

• DWT Doonz Sand ATV tire

What ATV Tires Work Best on Hard Surfaces??

ATV tires can be a pain.
For riding on highways, tarmacked surfaces, or pavements, the best tires to consider are Turf tires. This is a line of tires that is designed to produce smooth rides over hard, even surfaces. This allows ATV drivers to take on all adventures, not just off-road. One good example of a turf tire that is fit for the road is the Kenda Road Go, which has a siped tread pattern that improves traction when running on wet surfaces. The tread pattern allows for stress-free steering while reducing noise.


Mud is arguably the number one challenge that ATV tires have to beat on an off road trail. Deep mud can have you stuck and sinking when you should be moving at top gear. If lumps of mud clog up under your ATV’s fender or onto the axle, it can easily weigh you down in an off road racing situation. Thin mud can cause crashes if your tire’s traction is not strong enough to maintain its course since such levels of mud reduce friction with the ground.

To level out such effects, ATV tire models such as Cheng Shin’s Mudzilla M966 are designed with massive tread bars that tear through mud for easier movement. In addition to this, these tires increase rut traction with their deep set tread bars that wrap around the tire’s shoulders. Other tires that are custom designed to fight mud include:

• Cheng Shin’s Mud Bug M961 & M962

• ITP MudLite SP, AT & XL

• EFX Motomonster

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By: Sean Bowes
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