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Every Motorcycle Tire we have provides notable performance and a long service life. Our tires come from popular manufacturers that through the years have been on the top of the motorcycle aftermarket industry and continuously produce only high-quality and performance grade motorcycle tire products.

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Motorcycle Tire

For any ride, the motorcycle tires are an essential component they cannot do without. Tires support the weight of the rider and also contribute to a better riding experience for the rider. A Motorcycle Tire is primarily made and designed with strength as its crucial factor to stand up for long wear and tear over time.

The first step in deciding the motorcycle tire for your ride are matching your bike's category classification with the type of tire designed for it. Motorcycles straight from the factory come with a general type of correctly sized set of tires. Learn the specifications and differences between each of the brands to decide your exact needs.

Look for larger, heavier tires for the back to carry the majority of the bike's weight load as well as enduring the stress of acceleration and raw power. Lighter, narrower tires are used for the front and should be designed with turning in mind. You may even need tires with extremely tough sidewalls if you are a rider who leans heavily into curves or you are a fan of high speed cornering.

For cruiser bikes, its recommended to look for tires designed for comfort and weight carrying capacity. Softer tires with a low crown are better for long and straight hauls, though they have a shorter tread life but are much more comfortable in comparison to hard tires. High crowned tires are better for races, especially those with high heat and friction resistance.

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