Moto Metal's Five-Spoke Wheel Series

Moto Metal Wheel is a brand with very interesting design tactics, especially when it comes to making distinguishable rims. The company behind Moto Metal wheels, Wheel Pros, employs an approach that combines innovation with reliability. Their innovative approach is applied to both the look and the structure of the rims.

MotoMetal new design is crazy awesome
The Moto Metal line is populated by wheels with spoke designs that include five spoke, six spoke, seven spoke and eight spoke designs. But even with this short range of spoke structures, each wheel varies very visibly in its design. Let get an overview of their five spoke wheel models.
MotoMetal new design is crazy awesome

The M0957 Five-spoke Series

The five spoke wheel design is featured on only two Moto Metal wheel models: the MO957 and the MO960. The MO957 is a matte black robust wheel whose spoke spread evenly around the rim. It is engineered for SUVs and trucks as one can be observed on its rugged look. Its spoke structure brings in an interesting technique in which it handles the truck’s weight. Since the spokes spread wider towards the rim edge the wheel concentrates this weight to the center of the wheel to give ample support.
MotoMetal new design is crazy awesome

The M0960 Five-spoke Series

The other series of 5 spoke Moto Metal wheels is the MO960 series. These wheels give further colour options to the buyer with a matte black and chrome plated model. Both of them possess the same star shaped spoke pattern with six lugs connecting each onto the vehicle’s axle. The spokes have an interesting triangular space in the middle which further seasons the wheels overall appearance into an amazing showcase of intricate style.

With a clear Moto metal logo in the middle of the gleaming chrome plated MO960 wheel, this wheel easily stands out as a statement of elegance. The black version of the MO960 series is actually a combination of black coating and chrome linings. The chrome finish on this wheel is present on the rim while the rest of the wheel, save for bolt studded areas, bears a gleaming black finish.

Exclusive Outer Bolt Patterns

There is one more interesting feature that differentiates the MO957 series from the MO960, besides their distinct five spoke designs and colour options. The MO957 features a polished bolt pattern on the outer edge of each spoke that contains three bolts aligned across the spoke’s surface. The MO960 has a similar pattern but with two bolts on each spoke which are much thicker than those on the MO957. These bolt patterns however serve a more ornamental role and have less to do with fastening the spokes to the wheel.

By: James Langston
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