Four of the Most Recommended Pro Comp Shocks

Pro Comp shocks are shocks for the professional driver just as the name of the company suggests. The finesse that goes into designing and branding Pro Comp Shocks is remarkable. But with the variety of options the company avails in its line of shocks let alone all other suspension parts, it would come in handy to take note of three well rated shock series with the Pro Comp catalog.

Pro Runner Shocks

pro Comp shocks are perfect for every day use
As a truck or SUV driver the Pro runner Monotube series should be your number one shock option at Pro Comp. The final design of this heavy duty shock was a result of tests done in the real world on highway, mud trail and desert terrains. Not only has it been exposed to such environment, but it has been given extensive dyno-tests.

pro Comp shocks are perfect for every day use
The Pro runner series of shocks features multi stage valving structure that keeps the quality of shock absorption at an optimum. This allowed the supple movement of the truck especially considering the different height at which trucks are lifted these days. To add to this, the Pro Runner shock uses a mono-tube design and a gas charged system which contains nitrogen. This provides several merits. Its mono-tube design reduces gas bubbles that may interfere with the shocks heat dispersion efficiency and it also reduces shock fade.

Toxic Shocks

pro Comp shocks are perfect for every day use
For owners of lowered sport trucks, Toxic shocks are more suited for the job. These are high performance VSV gas shocks that longer life and handling properties. Therefore the speed at which the truck moves will determine how much resistance the shocks can provide. This acts a vital safety feature that can keep sport trucks safe from rolling, swaying or experiencing brake dives. Not only do Toxic shocks have in built speed responsive technology, they are built with urethane bushing that creates endurance during piston movement when pressure intensifies.

ES1000 Shocks

As a replacement option for OEM shocks, ES1000 shocks are well fashioned for excellent control due to their extra responsive characteristic. The dampening medium used on these shocks is an S-294 high temperature fluid. This fluid stays sealed within the shock’s twin tubes thanks to an external multi lip seal. It thus does not get heated up very quickly and this in turn creates as much durability as is need for the shock’s components. The ES1000’s multistage valving system is the key ingredient behind its extreme responsiveness. It is a 10 stage VSV (velocity sensitive) valving system with a piston that is 1 3/16 inch diameter and a 5/8 inch diameter rod (hard chromed).

By: Jon Argon
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