Factors Behind Achieving a Good Suspension Lift

With the myriads of options in the suspension lift market, it is getting more difficult to know which lift kits suits you. Should you get 4 inch blocks, add a leaf spring, change your leaf spring entirely, fix in a larger set of coils or just hand the truck over to a mechanic. Well the last option makes sense for anyone who doesn’t want to get near the innards of his vehicle but for the Do it yourself car lover, the former three questions might present a good issue to look into. Superlift provides some concise but informative answers with regard to this.
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Desired Ride Quality

If you intend to lift your vehicle but expect it to feel just as comfortable as before when driving it, then a lifted leaf spring might be the solution. Superlift’s leaf springs are designed to either mimic the qualities of the OEM stock leaf spring or have an increased spring arch. With an increased spring arch the amount of suspension that can be accommodated increases, too, making it firmer. You thus end up with an even, more comfortable ride than you had before and this time you’re getting it higher up from the ground.
Revtek has the suspension kits you want

Techniques for Rear Lift

We have a couple of methods of lifting the rear suspension section of a vehicle; replacement coil springs, block lifts and added leaf spring all work but the block lift kit is specially recommended for the rear springs since it can cause braking issues if used up at the front. Lift block are inexpensive and very effective in maintain ride comfort.

Revtek has the suspension kits you want
But for those who are concerned with the possibility of spring/ axle wrap up as a result of block usage, The Superlift add-a-leaf spring sets such as the works just as well. However, if a fancy new suspension lift is launched over a bunch of overworked factory springs, your efforts might not amount to much since you will be expecting old suspension parts to support a whole new level of gravitational exertion that was not there before. What you need is a new pair of springs such as Superlift Superide replacement rear springs to make the difference.

Net Lift Height

The overall lift that is specified on Superlift suspension lift kits applied more accurately for the front lift hence the net lift is as a result of the balance between the rear lift and front lift when the lift rate is applied. To know how much less lift finally will be achieved be you need to consider what kind of luggage you will have in the rear while driving. This luggage can bring down the rear levels by an inch at most. In their absence the truck’s suspension will be operating on an even level.

By: Sean Bowes
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