Does Your Truck Need a Headache Rack?

Truck accessories come in all shapes and sizes depending on the different needs of drivers. Today, we will look at headache racks and if they are perfect for your truck. It is important to note that the accessories fitted on a particular truck should add some values and/or style. Headache racks can easily provide both of these.
Head Ache racks save trucks rears

What are Headache Racks?

A headache rack, in short, is a metal rack placed above the truck bed right in front of the rear windshield. The rack is used to protect the rear windows from moving cargo as it provides anchor points for holding down the cargo on the truck bed. These racks also provide mounting points for attaching running lights for off roading and driving through low-lit environments.

Who Needs a Headache Rack?

The first question to ask is who should buy a headache rack. Headache racks are perfect for individuals who carry large cargo, those who want to mount auxiliary lights for off roading, or those who want to prevent the moving cargo on the back of the truck from crashing through the rear windshield. These racks can be used for both individuals and fleet drivers.

Make and Model of the Truck

There are different headache racks available in the market, and they are all made for the different trucks out there. The one to choose should have been made specifically for your truck to ensure it fits quickly and easily. There are even racks available for lesser-known trucks. These will need a little more research to ensure they fit perfectly.

Materials Used

A key factor to look at when buying a headache rack is the material used during construction. Different headache racks use different materials, from the tubular steel found on the BlackRack headache racks to the plate steel and bar steel. These materials provide different levels of strength, resilience and durability depending on the driver’s needs. Those drivers who regularly carry heavy cargo should go for the strongest and most durable ones. Since the racks can also be used to mount auxiliary lights, the driver needs to consider the type of lights to be mounted before choosing a rack made using certain materials.

Finishing and Accessories Available

The finishing on a particular headache rack should guide the driver when choosing a new rack for his/her truck. Most common ones are powder-coated racks, chromed racks and painted racks. The one to choose depends on the driver’s style preferences and vehicle colour. The powder-coated racks are more durable and long lasting, while the painted racks are not so durable and can peel and flake easily. Chromed racks, on the other hand, add style to the truck and are slightly more durable than painted racks.

Head Ache racks save trucks rears
The accessories available may include light kit, antenna mounts, utility mounts and many more. Some manufacturers may offer these accessories with the headache rack saving the driver a lot of money in the end. If you will at some point need these accessories, it will be wise to choose the racks that offer the accessories in one kit.

By: James Langston
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