Differentiating Between Body and Suspension Lift Kits

Getting the best out of your truck takes time and effort. One of the most common and beneficial upgrades is lifting the truck to allow more ground clearance for a better off road experience or just lifting it for installing large tires. Body or suspension lifting can be a very complicated process depending on your technical know-how.

Lifting the body or the suspension, this is the question
Before lifting your truck for some off road action, it is important to understand the main differences between body and suspension lift kits and know how each affects the vehicle. Lift kits are particularly helpful as in addition to better ground clearance, they allow addition of larger tires. Choosing between body and suspension lifts kits depends on the exact intentions and preferences of the driver.

Suspension Lift Kits

These are the most common lift kits found on most 4x4s and trucks headed for the dirt trails. They increase the ground clearance of these vehicles and can give you up to six inches of additional height. In some extreme cases, suspension kits can help a truck go as high as 18 inches. This is the main reason why most off road enthusiasts prefer suspension lift kits to body lift kits. The only drawback is that suspension lift kits are a little bit more expensive than body lift kits.

Lifting the body or the suspension, this is the question
Suspension kits are a little bit complicated, and they require more effort to install, as well. This, of course, depends on your technical knowledge. Handling and driving experiences are also drastically affected by these lift kits so care should be taken when using trucks with these modifications. This is because the lift kits raise the centre of gravity reducing the safe operating angles.

Body Lift Kits

Lifting the body or the suspension, this is the question
A body lift is described as the space between the truck bed and the cab. Body lift kits allow the wheels and suspension to remain in the same position while raising the truck body only. This gives you about three inches of space between the bed and the cab, giving you the option of installing larger tires. Since body lift kits do not raise the suspension or the wheels, driving and handling experiences are not affected.

Body lift kits do not raise the truck bed that high and are usually cheaper than suspension lift kits. They are also easier to install even for individuals with little technical skills. The only negative thing about body lift kits is the huge gap they leave which may be unappealing for some drivers. These kits also add extra stress to the bolts of the vehicle which may cause accidents in the future. Body lift kits also do not increase ground clearance and this may not be good for off road enthusiasts.

By: Sean Bowes
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