Choosing the Best ATV Tires For Your Off Road Activities

Choosing the Best ATV Tires For Your Off Road Activities

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are supposed to be driven in many different environments by different drivers. The different terrains require different tires if the driver is to enjoy the experience. This is why manufacturers of ATV tires have different tires for the different off terrains. Most ATVs come with stock tires that are designed for the lightest off road terrains and may not be applicable for off road enthusiasts who drive through extreme environments.

Atv tires are important
Below are some of the most common ATV tire variants and the specific function each is made for.

General ATV Tires

These are the most popular ones and they are mostly factory installed coming with every new ATV. These tires are designed for general off road use and are perfect for beginners who are trying their luck with off roading. Because these are general-purpose tires, they tend to be more affordable and easier to find.

Paddle Tires

Atv tires are important
Driving your ATV through sand using general-purpose tires is tricky and that is why we have the paddle tires. These very large tires are designed to drive through sand without any glitches. The most common ones are the DWT ATV tires. What makes these tires perfect for driving on sand are the paddles at the back that improve control, handling and acceleration.

Snow Tires

Driving through snow is very challenging even for the most experienced drivers. This experience can be simplified by using specially designed snow tires. These tires are quite different from the rest with horizontal treads that allow the tire to grip firmly on the snow and not just spin/slide aimlessly. The tread pattern also allows for balanced acceleration and handling of the ATV.

Mud Tires

Atv tires are important
For serious off road enthusiasts, driving through mud is a normal thing they have to experience once in a while. These tires are made to handle such situations with their irregular tread pattern and large gaps for a superior grip and control. The tread design also helps to get rid of the mud that accumulates on the tires. The traction provided by these tires is only relevant on mud surfaces as they are not as smooth on hard surfaces.

Trail Tires

These tires are similar to the mud tires and the only difference is the tread pattern. Unlike mud tires, they have shorter treads that are close together to help with the handling and navigation through dirt or stone surfaces. These are some of the most expensive ATV tires and that is mainly because they are made from tough and durable rubber.

By: Sean Bowes
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