Bushwacker Gives Back To Its Community

 bushwacker helps out local
Born in the 1960s, Bushwacker has become one of the most popular brands of fender flares and off-road supplies in the world. Made in the USA, their products have manufactured and shipped from the company’s headquarters, which is run by a group of automotive and off-road enthusiasts.

Based out of Portland, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest, the company has always had a different way of running its business. Going against the grain, Bushwacker has always played it risky with their innovative designs and trendsetting products. If you look up the definition of a Bushwacker, you’ll find it was a group of Confederate guerrillas that fought to control their own rural land from a government take over. It seems that Bushwacker Inc. has the same alternative views of fighting for what’s right as the original Bushwackers did in the American Civil War.

“One of our core beliefs is that we should ‘pay-it-forward’ to the generations to come. To do this Bushwacker supports local and national causes that benefit children in need of safe shelter, education and support,” said a spokesperson for the company.

 bushwacker helps out local
Today, Bushwacker continues to grow and add fully engineered, industry-leading off-roading accessories, but they’re also “paying it forward.” Childhelp USA, a national organization for the prevention and treatment of child abuse that offers child help hotlines, Foster Care, Group Homes, Residential treatment facilities and advocacy centers. Childhelp has made a difference for thousands of children over the last 54 years. Bushwacker is a dedicated supporter to helping children through the Childhelp program.

The company also supports the Youth Automotive Training Center, a 20-year-old company that has made it their mission to train and educate at-risk youth in basic automotive repair skills, job readiness, and life management skills. The goal of this program is to prepare young adults who are at a disadvantage in their lives to become self-sufficient, productive, law-abiding citizens. Plus, it brings a bit of diversity to the off-roading community by bringing a new passion to younger gearheads.

Helping The Environment

If you have ever been deep into the wild, you know that nothing compares to the great outdoors. It’s one of the most popular reasons that truck enthusiasts modify their vehicles; to make it easier to get into the wild. Since the owners of Bushwacker are located in Oregon, you know that they have enjoyed their fair share of camping trips and adventures, so they can relate to truck owners who appreciate wildlife and natural beauty.

“Our company and associates are passionate about the outdoors,” says a spokesperson for the company. “It’s what we believe in and we walk the walk in a few ways.”

 bushwacker helps out local
According to Bushwacker, their deep affection for the outdoors has allowed them to create a Green Team Initiative to evaluate their manufacturing and work to recycle more while creating less waste. So it should come to no surprise that they have low-ink packaging are 100% recyclable. Also many of their products are made of 30% reclaimed material. Plus, their recently upgraded manufacturing facility, is using a state-of-the-art air filtration system to ensure the air that they put back into the environment is as clean as possible.

Additionally, the company is also a key supporter of Tread Lightly, a national organization that works with manufacturers and recyclers to create and protect natural environments. Tread Lightly currently works on recreation issues and tried to balance a healthy environment with the needs of those who love outdoor recreation. Bushwacker says they stand behind the program because they want the places we go to be taken care of for future generations.

Caring For Their Customers

When Bushwacker first started to offer its off-roading products for aftermarket enthusiasts, they knew idea they had to create tough accessories to hardcore truck owners. That same philosophy is true today, but because of their success, Bushwacker is able to promise that their products are made to the highest standards.

“We have a limited lifetime warranty for the original consumer that warrants the product to be free from material or workmanship defects for the life of your vehicle,” says a spokesperson for the company.

 bushwacker helps out local
Additionally, all of their products come with detailed installation guides and there are also replacement parts available through Bushwacker Dealers (4wheelonline) if you ever need to add or replace components to your ride.

So, if you plan on doing any serious off-roading or if you just want to bring a radical look to your ride, you can rely on Bushwacker to help you get there. As you know, with more than 40 years experience in off-roading construction, their knowledge and credibility is hard to beat. Plus, it’s a nice feeling knowing that the company gives back the community and has an ethical business that works hard to keep our outdoors beautiful.

If you’re interested in Bushwacker Fenders or if you’re wondering if their products are right for you, be sure to ask the truck experts at 4WheelOnline.com by calling 813-769-2451. The gearheads are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the variety of Bushwacker products that we carry in our catalog.

By Sean Bowes
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