Are Tough Bull Bars Worth It?

Are Tough Bull Bars Worth It?

Most off road truck owners will keep their vehicles protected at any cost. This is because the risks they encounter when driving through off road terrains is so extreme that it can completely damage the vehicle. Bull bars are the most popular accessories drivers get for ultimate protection when off roading. Now we know that bull bars are popular, but the real question to ask ourselves is, are the tough bull bars really worth it?
Black GMC 4 door with a bull bar

Tough bull bars are attached to the front part of the vehicle and help protect the engine components from damages in case of a collision. The term bull bars is significant as these accessories were initially used to protect the vehicle when it hit animals when off road.

Who Are They Made For?

When they first came out bull bars were mainly used by SUVs and trucks but they are now so common and can be found on regular cars. Individuals who want comfortable and uninterrupted off road experiences are the ones who should get bull bars. The adoption of bull bars to regular cars has not been without controversy with some people arguing the danger they poise to pedestrians is too big to be ignored. These allegations are most of the times over exaggerated as the real dangers posed to pedestrians are minimal.

In terms of design, the bull bars come in two options. Those that replace the front end of the vehicle and those that are attached to the front end. The ones that replace the vehicle’s front end are more durable and provide maximum protection. The bull bars that require the vehicle’s front end to be replaced take longer to install compared to those attached at the front end. Whichever type you choose, it is important to make sure the lights are not blocked.
White Dodge Ram with a chrome bullbar

Types of Materials Used

Bull bars are made using different materials with the most common ones being steel, aluminium and polycarbonate.

Steel Bull Bars

Steel bull bars are made for those who want ultimate protection on the road. These bars are stronger and much heavier than others are and may add significant weight to the car. The best example of a steel bull bar is the Dee Zee UltraBlack bar. These bull bars are not recommended for vehicles to be used in racing events.
White Ford F-250 with a bullbar

Aluminium Bull Bars

These are very light, durable and may be perfect for racing events. Because of their lightweight, these bull bars do not add any significant weight to the car. Aluminium bull bars are also rust resistant and long lasting.

Polycarbonate Bull Bars

These are the latest additions to the market and are lightweight but strong for protection of the vehicle’s front end. They are made for those who want a premium look and guaranteed protection.

By: James Langston
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