Adding Style and Protection With Grill Guards

Reckless parallel parkers, wild deer, tree branches and the occasional Smart Car are all natural enemies to truck owners. Maybe it’s because of its big and bulky bodies, but it seems like a new ding, dent or scratch appears every time you step foot in your truck. However, it doesn't need to be that way if you take a little time to protect your truck from the elements.

Grille guards work period.
“I’m not out looking for trouble, but if trouble shows up, I want to be prepared.” Grille Guards, Brush Guards or Bull Bars; you can call them anything you’d like, but they all have the same function. A well-made Grille Guard is designed to protect the cosmetics of your truck, such as your hood, bumpers and headlights as well as mechanical components like your AC condenser, radiator and fans.

For years, police cruisers, serious off-roaders and demolition cars have all used Grille Guards to protect the fragile bodies of their vehicles. It doesn't matter if you drive an old classic or a new Ford F150, a collision, even at a low speed, can cause serious problems for your ride. A recent German Study found that 70% of all collisions happen with an average speed of 10 mph.
Grille guards work period.

Keeping Your Ride Safe

Whether you have a daily driver or a committed off-road machine, the addition of a Grille Guard can be the perfect addition to any vehicle. Unlike Grille Guards of the past, which were welded from bulky steel stock, today’s Guards are manufactured from lightweight alloy and are made to be vehicle-specific. Since they’re made for each individuals ride, there is a proper fitment and no drilling is required. Additionally, most of the Grille Guards that are available can be used with winch and fog light systems, too.

With a lightweight design, and function forward attitudes, modern Grille Guards don’t have any drawbacks for truck, car or SUV owners. Enthusiasts can still open their hoods, as well.

Popular Styles of Grille Guards

Today, there are many types of Grille Guards that are popular with off-road enthusiasts. Check Them out below:

Grille guards work period.
Westin Grille Guards: One of the biggest grievances with Grille Guards is that the tubing only protects the “impact zones” on your truck, which leaves a huge area open for loose gravel or debris. Luckily, Westin has engineered a “grate style” Grille Guard that protects the radiator portion of vehicles from rocks, granite or rubble, which can cause problems on the off-road. These one-piece guards are available in chrome or black.

Grille guards work period.
Onki Grille Guards: If you’re looking to make a statement with a Grille Guard, look no further. Onki has just rolled a line of guards that have huge tubing with a whole lot of bling. The stainless steel brush guards have a mirror polish finish and a big beefy design that demands attention wherever you go.

Grille guards work period.
WARN Guard and Winch Mount: These Grille Guards are the most versatile piece of machinery you can stick to the front of your truck. The Grille Guard mounts to your OEM bumpers and be equipped with any of WARN’s patented winch systems. The modern design was meant to enhance the looks of any truck on the market. Plus, the Grille Guards are available in powder coated black or a chrome finish.

So, whether you are looking to guard the front of your truck from nasty bushes and branches or if you’re fighting traffic on the roads of a metropolitan city, you can rely on a quality Grille Guard to keep your vehicle safe. With better looks, increased protection and an easy-to-install kit, it makes sense to keep your truck happy with a new piece of chrome on the front of the bumper.

If you’re still unsure about which Grille Guards are right for you, be sure to ask the truck experts at by calling 813-769-2451. The gear-heads are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the aftermarket products that we carry in our catalog.

By Sean Bowes
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