ATV Shocks


ATV shocks, also called dampers, reduce shock impulses and dissipate kinetic energy to prevent damage to the ATV. They consist of a gas- or fluid-filled cylinder containing a sliding piston. The force of impact pushes the piston into the chamber, which transfers the energy to the gas or fluid inside. ATV shocks are commonly used for races and riding on rough, uneven trails. Shocks on an ATV are made to give it its maximum wheel travel. The piggyback shocks have coiled springs wrapped around them to provide extra shock absorption. Shocks are vital for ATVs since they are mostly used for recreation and racing. Without the right shocks, the ride on the ATV will not only be uncomfortable, but it will damage the life of the vehicle.

Having the ability to take on varied terrains is one of the greatest draws of ATVs. They give riders the ability to explore uncharted areas or to just open it up and enjoy the ride. If the ATV shocks, however, are not in top-form, a ride can be bumpy, complicated, and even dangerous.

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ATV and Quad racers are notorious for pushing the limits of their machines, which leave little room for failure. Our featured ATV Shocks allow ATV racers to do just that without worrying about an untimely breakdown. The trust that ATV riders and racers impart inspires manufacturers to continue to push the envelope and strives to capture necessary data to improve their remarkable and popular line of ATV shocks even further.