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Off Road Recovery Jeep Bumper
Jeep Bumpers are now 30% Off and Your jeep Bumper Ships Free. One of the first considerations when going off road is knowing that you will be able to get back again. Mounting a winch is one way to stack the odds in your favor, but first you're going to need a bumper to mount it on. Replacing a Jeep factory bumper will also achieve a greater angle of approach for surmounting trail obstacles and protect the front end from damage by brush. With the largest selection of Jeep Bumpers at the lowest prices, getting the look you want and the functionality you need has never been easier.

Jeep Bumpers & Stingers Articles and Reviews
Tubular Jeep Bumper Options for your Jeep Wrangler
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The Wrangler Jeep is well known for its ability to cruise the roughest roads, without being beaten. Even though this vehicle is a force to reckon with, it is important that a driver gets a strong bumper that will match its ability. There’s a wide variety of tubular bumpers that are available for your Wrangler. These are widely available and come at an affordable price. Read More...
Four Types of Jeep Bumpers You May Meet On the Road
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Jeep Drivers have the luxury of having several bumper options. They are options that exist both for their utility and the overall appearance of the vehicle. The different types of Jeep Bumpers vary by shape and size and each kind is manufactured by a variety of companies. At 4wheelonline four types of bumpers are available for Jeep trucks: Stinger Bumpers, Stubby bumpers, Off-road recovery bumpers and Tubular bumpers.
Jeep Bumpers Provide a Wide Variety of Protection
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If you’re a jeep owner, you’re probably a little more adventurous with your driving. Of course, adventure = fun= danger. The key to making sure that you and you vehicle are safe in the rough, rugged outdoor elements is with a jeep bumper and some of the add-on accessories. These tools will help you have an enjoyable experience and can even protect your life.
Don’t Flip Out: Stinger Jeep Bumpers
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Anyone not know what a stinger bumper is? It’s that large, purposeful bumper you see on the front of Jeeps that makes them look like a rhinoceros. It makes them tough as a rhino as well, which is why no self-respecting rock crawler or off-roader should be without one. But they also look just as good on a ‘city Jeep’

Jeep Bumper

Jeep Bumpers now 30% Off and your Jeep Bumper Ship Free. There have been many advances in the products available for Jeep Wrangler in the past few years. It seems that no other vehicle in history has had as many options for aftermarket customization, and for good reason. Jeep Wrangler is the most versatile mode of personal transportation the world has ever known. Just think of all the places a Jeep can take you, to the store and back, sure, but also to the most remote places on earth, through the most hostile terrain that would eat most other vehicles alive. That unlimited availability of destinations is echoed by our huge selection of Jeep Bumpers. We have the largest collection of Bumpers for Jeep Wrangler, and we also offer a great selection of Bumpers for Jeep Cherokee as well as Bull Bars and Brush Guards for Jeep Commander, Liberty and Grand Cherokee. We offer Classic Double tube Jeep Bumpers for Wrangler at the lowest prices on the net. A classic Tubular Bumper for Wrangler is at home on the street or trail.

What is a Stubby Bumper?

Anyone planning to install a larger wheel/tire combination should consider installing a "Stubby" bumper. "Stubby" bumpers are so called because of their short width, typically just as wide as the grill. Huge tires useful in rock crawling will rub against a factory width bumper, while a Stubby Bumper provides ample clearance. Plus, you get the benefits of reduced weight on the front end, with a Stubby Bumper, there is less sheet metal. Additionally, Most Stubby style Bumpers come ready to mount any standard winch, a bonus for those who plan to hit the trail and don't want to mess with an extra winch mount plate.

What is a Stinger Bumper?

A "Stinger" Bumper is a specialized off road Jeep Bumper that features a triangular shaped hoop that extends outward from the Bumper at roughly a 45-degree angle. This hoop is the "Stinger" and it is designed with stiffly reinforced welds to protect the front end and vital engine components such as the radiator during extreme trail conditions where an end-over roll might be a possibility. You may have seen images of Jeep drivers making near vertical ascents or descents, right? Well look closely because all those Jeeps are outfitted with some version of a Stinger Bumper. Most Stinger style Bumpers are also what would be considered "Stubby" width due to the fact that, if you need a stinger, you probably also need oversized off road tires too. Stinger Bumpers also come ready to install standard winches, it just goes with the territory. Of course, you can install a Stinger Bumper and just drive around town, that is if you want to draw gasps from the easily startled and looks of amazement from small children.

Why Replace the Factory Bumper?

The truth is that factory Jeep Bumpers will begin to show wear almost immediately, just imagine all the years of constantly applying Armor All to the factory plastic to keep it looking presentable. Even a member of the minority of folks who never plan to go off road in their Jeep can benefit from a simple, classic steel replacement bumper, but if you do plan to hit the trails, you're going to want to install a winch. That's where a winch ready replacement Bumper comes in. We offer a huge variety of winch ready Bumpers for Jeep at the most reasonable prices you will find, and if you don't think so, just give us a call. Our replacement Bumpers for Jeep come with beautiful durable finishes like chrome, polished stainless steel and black powder coat. Think about it, the slotted Jeep Grill is one of the most recognizable icons in automotive history, you need a bumper to match, not that factory placeholder.