Jeep Bumpers Provide a Wide Variety of Protection

When you’re out off-roading, anything can happen in the wild terrain. The key for any off-road driver is having a bumper that can take a pounding, protect your truck, and give you all of the support that you need. That sounds like a lot to ask for from a bumper, right? Well, a fully loaded bumper is very much like the Batman utility belt: both are capable of pretty much anything.


Stinger style bumpers add a tenacious look to any jeep or truck, while still providing the standard protection that drivers expect from their bumper. But, what makes a stinger unique is its ability to protect vehicles from a front end flip. They do this through its unique design and angle, which provides extra time and leverage for the back wheels to come back down and not roll over the top of the vehicle. Also, stingers can help in sideway rolls because they reduce the pressure that would otherwise be weighing down on an engine and damaging parts like the radiator.

jeep bumper lightExtra lighting can help prevent accidents.

Extra Lighting

Many bumpers available allow drivers to mount extra lighting. This is particularly important for off-roading and driving in general. Did you know that over 400,000 car accidents involve collisions with deer on an annual basis? Much of this has to do with poor lighting on trails and country roads, which are the main areas for off-roaders. Of course, deer are not the only elements that drivers need to be aware of when they are riding through rough terrain. Drivers need to be aware of rocks, trees, debris, and other animals. If you are an off-road driver and want to add a little extra security and vision capability to your vehicle, don’t forget that there are bumpers with extra lighting options available.

jeep winchJeep winches can help pull you out of all types of sticky situations.

Winch Bumpers

Picking up a winch ready bumper is one of the best investments that an off road driver can make. Winches are capable of handling and maneuvering thousands of pounds of weight. This can be extremely helpful especially if a driver gets bogged down in the mud, if there is a large piece of debris blocking a trail, or if you have a weekend project that needs to be done. Today, most bumpers are winch ready, which means that in a few short steps a winch can be added and your bumper will be one step closer to being the ultimate tool.


Even without any extra accessories, a jeep bumper is capable of adding high levels of protection for the vehicle’s that we invest so much time and money into. Currently, truck bumpers are offered in a wide range of weights and capabilities, so no matter what type of driver you are, there is a bumper for you.

By: Tim Snyder
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