Four Types of Jeep Bumpers You May Meet On the Road

Jeep Drivers have the luxury of having several Jeep bumper options. They are options that exist both for their utility and the overall appearance of the vehicle. The different types of Jeep Bumpers vary by shape and size and each kind is manufactured by a variety of companies. At 4wheelonline four types of bumpers are available for Jeep trucks: Stinger Bumpers, Stubby bumpers, Off-road recovery bumpers and Tubular bumpers.

Stinger Bumpers

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A Stinger bumper is shaped sort of like a boomerang. It has a triangular tube extension at the middle that tips upwards at a 45 degree angle to form a hoop. Sometimes you may find a stinger bumper with a hoop that extends higher than the level of the Jeep’s hood. This bumper has a very unique use on Jeeps that frequent the off road terrain. They essentially keep the vehicle from toppling over if the truck rolls into an obstacle. The stinger bumper is also used as a ramp which helps the truck to move over and above obstacles which the tires cannot naturally rise beyond. As a grill, the stinger bumper gives more protection to the vehicle.

Stubby bumpers

Jeep bumpers are very common
A stubby bumper is shorter than most typical bumpers since it spreads as wide as the grille’s length. . They provide an advantage for tire installation since tires which are taller in diameter than the bumper’s height. Unfortunately, such tires are thus left more exposed to oncoming obstacles especially in off road situations. These bumpers are therefore suited for highways and terrains where the tires can run free an unobstructed.

Off Road Recovery Bumpers

An off road recovery bumper serves the purpose for providing a means to pull out your truck once it gets stuck in a rut. As such it is mounted firmly to ensure it does not get ripped out in the process of getting towed. It also features shackle mounts on it so you don’t have to do any drilling to get your shackles attached. Off Road recovery bumpers come in a variety of designs that include hybrids of the stubby bumper or the stinger bumper with off road recovery features. The Warn Rock Crawler Stubby bumper for instance is good example of a stubby bumper which has recovery features. They also have lights installed as well which help to make them useful even at night.

Tubular bumpers

Jeep bumpers are very common
Tubular bumpers have a simpler design since they normally features two tubes running across the front of the car and a large looped tube around the center. Most tubular bumpers provide basic shielding from obstacles but it is not suitable for towing purposes. However, Rampage have designed a special tubular bumper for Jeep CJs and Wrangler which also incorporates off road recover features such as a shackle mount on top of the bumper.

By: Sean Bowes
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