Cool Facts about the Jeep Stinger Bumpers

The Jeep Stinger Bumper is a special kind of bumper designed to prevent your Jeep from tipping forward when traversing steep descents or climbing over large obstacles. For the adventurous off-roader, navigating through difficult terrain can be a hazardous affair. But with the Stinger bumper, your safety and that of your vehicle are that much more reinforced. Here are a few reasons that the stinger would be a good choice for your favorite bumpy trail:
Jeep Wrangler


The most prominent feature of the stinger is its shape, typically a long metal tube with a sharp-angled triangular wedge or hoop. The stinger may also have additional beams or gussets to reinforce the tubes.


The Stinger Bumper is welded to the Jeep’s bumper at an angle of 30-60 degrees so that it sticks out at arm’s length beyond the Jeep’s front end. This is the feature that makes it useful for maneuvering a very steep descent. It can also be welded onto an external roll cage to preserve your Jeep’s custom settings.

Winch Compatible:

Most Stinger Bumpers are winch-ready, so there is no extra cost incurred for a winch mount plate. This will give you extra leverage in case you get stuck in a rut as is bound to happen in rugged terrain.
Jeep Wrangler on another Jeep


Since the Stinger Bumper sticks out beyond the Jeep’s grill, it provides perfect protection for your car’s other accessories in case of a front roll, including the grill, lights, winch, radiator, engine and windshield. Most importantly, it protects you against potentially fatal injuries by avoiding the roll altogether.


Stinger Bumpers come in a variety of widths, lengths, heights and even angles. It is also not necessary for them to be wedge shaped. Some have a round curve at the tip, a leveled out tip with a straight bar or even a sharp point joining two tubes welded together.


The Stinger Bumper can function as a ramp when climbing over large obstacles. By pushing against the obstacle, the tires pivot upwards, gaining enough traction and lifting the weight of the Jeep upwards.
Jeep Wrangler in the forrest


Besides its functionality, the Stinger Bumper adds a very modern and macho look to your Jeep, transforming it into an aggressive machine. With an array of designs from different manufacturers including OR-FAB, Smittybilt, Rugged Ridge, Mickey Thompson and Fab Four, you can customize your Jeep with the highest quality Stinger Bumper in the market.

Your Jeep is designed to handle all sorts of angles, but sometimes really steep descents may make it roll over. With the Jeep Stinger Bumper, you are assured of extra protection on those extremely hazardous adventures. These bumpers are affordable but very effective. They will protect your Jeep’s front end from damage from trail obstacles such as trees or rocks and make it extra hard for it to tip over. Now hitting those bumpy trails can be both fun and safe. Ask about affordable Jeep Stinger Bumper options from

By: Sean Bowes
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