Don’t Flip Out: Stinger Jeep Bumpers

fab fours

This is the Hardcore stinger bumper from Fab Fours. Nice huh?

Whether you fit one to save your Jeep from an off-road catastrophe, or fit one just because they look so cool, a stinger bumper is a must for any self-respecting Jeep owner.

If you don’t know what stinger bumpers are take a look at the picture to the right and you’ll recognize exactly what we’re talking about. That’s right, it’s those gnarly looking front bumpers that make a Jeep look like an angry rhinoceros.

Stinger Bumpers – Look Like a Rhino, Tough as a Rhino

Like a mighty rhino the stinger bumper is one tough S.O.B., but unlike the rhino’s horn the stinger is used for defense as opposed to offence. The carefully designed angle of the stinger, together with its bullet-proof construction, is to prevent a Jeep going end-over-end when tackling extreme terrain. To see just how effective they are watch the video below right.

As you can see the stinger prevented the Jeep from flipping and saved the driver from injury and from some eye-wateringly expensive repair bills. If you are a rock crawler or off-roader and you don’t have a stinger bumper at the business end of your Jeep, you’re also a fool.

Stingers Give Jeeps Extra Street Cred


A Jeep’s stinger in action

Even if you don’t go off-roading a stinger bumper adds an extra element to a Jeep. Big, bold and in-your-face, stinger bumpers take a Jeep’s already purposeful appearance and makes it look even meaner. Nothing tells other highway users “I’m here” like them glancing in their rearview mirror and seeing a Jeep’s stinger bumper bearing down on them.

Although not a reason behind the original design, the stinger also protects against parking lot impacts from careless drivers – after all, who’d want to risk their puny car against a chunky stinger?

smitty stinger

Smittybilt stinger bumpers look great on or off-road

Lastly, some people even claim stingers are useful to sit on when working on a Jeep’s engine… We’re not gonna comment either way on that one, but if it works for you, have at it!

By John Bone

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