Features to Expect in ATV Winches

Features to Expect in ATV Winches

Your off road ATV experience can either be thrilling or disappointing depending on your circumstances. Getting stuck in mud without a solution in sight can cause you enough mental torture. However, getting an ATV winch can be the gate pass to an exciting time out in the wild.
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What Exactly Does the Winch Do?

The fact that you own an ATV means that you are set on enjoying the off road experience. It also means that at some point, you may have to be pulled or help in pulling out someone who gets stuck. For this very reason, what you need is an ATV winch, an accessory that helps you in such circumstances.

In short, winches are used to get the ATV out of mud, or any other sticky situations that you may encounter. They can also be used to clear the road of anything that may act as a block.

The function of ATV winches is no different from that of other winches. Power from the electric motor is simply transferred to the gear mechanism allowing the winch drum to turn and pull the rope. Brakes and clutches are also essential to the functioning of the winch.

When the winch motor is stopped, and a load is added to the wire rope, the brake engages the winch drum automatically. The clutch on the other hand helps the winch drum to disengage from the drive train allowing the drum to rotate freely.

As a safety measure, the driver can stand at a distance and use a combination of the remote control and electrical controls to operate it. Before hauling any cargo, it is important to make sure that the ATV mounting system can support the weight.

Smittybilt, Engo, Rugged Ridge and Cycle Country are some of the manufacturers of ATV winches in the market. Their different and unique features that make them stand out from the rest.
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Features of the Atv Winches

Just as the name suggests, Cycle Country Power Max Winches are powerful. Their all steel, 3-stage universal gear train ensures that you have a smooth operation while using them. Whether you are hauling a log from the trail, or simply pulling another ATV, this feature will ensure that your winch does not disappoint.

The drums and motors of any winch should be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions. In this case, ATV Cycle County Power Match winches are sealed with weather resistant material that acts as protective material. Their efficiency is enhanced by the free spooling to clutch engagement.

The wiring on any winch needs to be strong due to the impact of its work. ATV Cycle Country Power Match winches have hard heavy duty gauge wiring, making them as tough as they need to be in handling towing duties.

Other features of these great winches include Color-coded quick connect wiring yoke, premium handlebar mount controls with wiring harness, and a 4-way roller fairlead. Depending on your budget, you can also get the wireless remote control kit or the winch mount which are sold separately.

By: James Langston
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