ATV Throttles

A throttle is the mechanism by which the flow of a fluid is managed by constriction or obstruction. An engine's power can be increased or decreased by the restriction of inlet gases (i.e., using a throttle), but usually decreased. The term throttle has come to refer, informally and incorrectly, to any mechanism by which the power or speed of an engine is regulated. ATV Throttle offers the best throttle for many aftermarket brands of ATVs from our selected manufacturer to add a control and performance cable to every off-road all-terrain vehicle. Throttle is durable, high quality and specially designed to add a control and performance to every ATV. Find the comprehensive performance throttle for a variety of all-terrain vehicle applications everyone's looking for. Shop to our selected throttle manufacturers here and match every product to every ride for extreme performance level race.

Dg Performance
DG was first to offer a wide range of products for the ATV enthusiast as well as the die-hard racer. DG Performance designs and manufactures custom after-market ATV parts. Their products and parts are polished to a mirror finish and have been fit tested to ensure a quality product.
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Motion Pro
Motion Pro is dedicated to produce the most versatile, unique and durable products for professional and home use. Motion Pro tools are designed to be simple to use, yet durable enough to withstand the harshest conditions. One of their goals is to offer tools of convenience, tools they feel make difficult or time-consuming jobs much easier.
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