ATV Sprockets

ATV Sprockets are Now 25% Off and Ship Free. An ATV Sprocket is a profiled wheel with teeth that meshes with a chain, track or other perforated or indented material. Sprockets are distinguished from gears and are never meshed together directly. Revolutionize an ATV’s drivetrain performance through the installation of tough and secure ATV Sprockets. We keenly offer the most competitively-priced ATV Sprockets for just about any ATV application out there.

Featured Manufacturers:

Pro Taper had been making innovative products that have become staples in the world of motocross components. They take great pride in every product manufactured. From the original taper wall handlebar that started it all, to their unique rubber mounted triple clamp, Pro Taper is on the edge of innovation and performance. The best teams in supercross and motocross rely on the proven strength and durability of Pro Taper products.

Lone Star Racing is one of the largest ATV component manufacturers known. LSR has been manufacturing ATV chassis and suspension components for nearly a decade and has released some of the most custom and diverse products in the industry. Lone Star Racing offers ATV parts and accessories, including aftermarket and performance parts for Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki quads. All Lone Star Racing sprocket hubs are splinted to fit stock or Axcalibar axles.

Sunstar prides itself on providing performance products – focusing on quality, price and functionality in mind. Sunstar ATV Sprockets are the strongest, longest lasting steel replacement sprocket available today.

AFAM sprockets are made with the latest tooth profiles for better power delivery. Rears come in heat treated steel or 7075-T6 anodized aluminum. Fronts are chrome steel and some models have lightning holes. Both front and rears are available in a wide choice of gearing.

Durable. With an extensive background in manufacturing axles and suspension components for automotive racing, Gary Trautloff used his vast experience to create the premier ATV axle and high performance suspension company that Dura Blue has become today. Their ultra high-tech aluminum sprocket hub reduces Hub/Sprocket weight by half and performance boosts to every suspension.

JT Sprockets is fully equipped with high accuracy machinery, including the latest generation of CNC computer design and computer controlled metal cutting equipment. JT Sprocket is also producing a full range of sprockets for the aftermarket as well as for the OEM. JT sprockets meet or exceed the highest possible quality standards set for the ATV industry.