ATV Brake Rotors

The disc brake/disk brake or usually called a rotor is a device for slowing or stopping the rotation of a wheel and usually made of cast iron or ceramic composites (including carbon, Kevlar and silica), is connected to the wheel and/or the axle. The Rotors are special high-carbon content stainless steel for braking rotors, optimal mechanical characteristics at high running temperatures; also standard rotors are direct replacements for OEM rotors, and all braking rotors are designed to fit each application without any modifications. Our unique and distinctive discs/rotors are the most cutting edge rotors on the market today. They are designed with efficiency and innovation in mind, with a plethora of benefits over the traditional round set up. These aftermarket rotors manufacturers are perfectly made with the best possible materials and technology available, carbon content steel, heat treated to a specific level per application, a definite guarantee of performance and a lot more. Rear applications are also laser cut and made of same materials. Each rotors category is finished with different aftermarket manufacturer products to provide the more capability, efficient and maximum rotor performance that a rider needs for a ride.

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Galfer Brake Rotors

Galfer Braking Systems has now incorporated into its wide range of quality brake products the Accossato brand radial brake and clutch master cylinders. A proven race quality master cylinder manufacturer, they might be new to the U.S. but are well known in most top European and World race circuits.

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EBC Brake Rotors

EBC maunfacture the largest range of Brake Discs and Pads in the World. EBC's Sports Brake Discs are some of the best on the market. Equally EBC's award winning pads are available in several different compounds, 'Green Stuff' and 'Red Stuff' Pads a great option for fast road.

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EBC ATV Brake Rotors
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