ATV Brake Lines

Upgrade every ATVs stopping power with the added control provided by our listed and trusted aftermarket Brake Line manufacturers. Overtime, ATVs old stock flex lines can expand, which leads to decreased response time and a softer pedal feel. By upgrading and selecting from our listed brake line products, everyone got the improved feel and responsiveness that a rider had been missing. These lines will dramatically improve every braking by eliminating pressure line flex and improving brake modulation by firming up the pull at the brake lever or pedal.

Featured Products

Galfer Brake Lines

Galfer Braking Systems has now incorporated into its wide range of quality brake products the Accossato brand radial brake and clutch master cylinders. A proven race quality master cylinder manufacturer, they might be new to the U.S. but are well known in most top European and World race circuits.

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Complete Swingarm Bearing Kit

Streamline has become one of the industry leaders, now offering a complete line of performance brakes & controls such as Brake Lines, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Throttle Components, & Clutch Cables, for the ATV & Dirtbike Markets. Streamline strives to provide the highest quality products and customer service with the goal of creating life long customers.

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