ATV Swingarms

ATV Swingarms For most dune loving rider the need to go fast is imperative. It is always fun to have been bragging among most friends on who has the fastest quad. Most people, including ourselves, have concentrated mostly on our motors and overlooked chassis setup and weight savings. To be the fastest, we simply have to put the more power to the ground. But, the more power to put to the ground the better tires that need to get traction. Therefore, you buy new tires to place that horsepower to the ground. However, the more traction to get the more an ATV will want to loft the front-end. All-in-all causing a rider to back off on the throttle to bring the wheeling, fire breathing ATV back down to earth. So anyone asked what is needed to keep the front-end from flying over to head each time to hammer the throttle, a longer swing-arm, that's the ticket.
This is where ATV Swingarms with our selected aftermarket manufacturer swing-arms come in. We offer swing-arm to meet every traction need. These swing-arms are completely CNC machined and are custom specificcation by their manufacturers welded out for better performance. These swing-arms are not only tricked looking but extremely has their unique differences to each other. So, get that smooth suspension feel and straight tracking back with our selected ATV Swingarms featured here that was made from OEM grade materials and restores every handling and suspension control due to worn or rusted swingarm components.

Baldwin Swingarm
Upgrade your stock swing arm pivot bolt to a Baldwin Motorsports solid steel swing arm pivot bolt. These pivot bolts are a direct replacement for the stock pivot bolt but offer much more strength and a longer life. Machined from 4130 chromoly and zinc plated to resist corrosion. Includes new end nuts. Twice as strong as stock bolt.   
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GT Thunder Swingarm
The Sport quads that G T Thunder builds linkages for suffer from leverage ratio curves that are too aggressive, causing a spike in the suspension as the quad gets further down into the suspension travel. These results in a harsh ride when ridden in rough terrain. Additional wheel travel by using improved leverage ratios.
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Houser Swingarm
HOUSER Racing has designed a product that allows anyone to quickly set up their ATV to handle whatever terrain to prefer. Houser regular travel A-Arms feature 4130 chromoly steel, TIG welding, plated ball joints with nylon locknuts, chrome plated tie rods, delrin bushings, camber adjustment, and threaded grease zirks. Kits include upper & lower A-Arms with bushings, tie rods, 4 ball joints with nuts, and 8 hardened and polished steel bushing sleeves.
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Lonestar Racing Swingarm
All LoneStar swing arms are made from 4130 Chromoly and feature the Round Housing carrier design. The Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki swing arms will come complete with the bearing housing and brake caliper mounting Kit. The TRX450 arm will come with two shock eyelets to offer a variable ride height for individual applications. Swing Arms ordered with skid plate mounts will not have the chain guide bracket too.
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