ATV Big Bore Kits

Increase power and performance with one of our featured ATV Big Bore Kits.

ATV Big Bore kit comes complete with ATV piston, rings, piston pin, clips, sleeve and gaskets for safe, easy installation and maximum performance. It's time to turn ATVs into aggressive big bore monsters ready to conquer even the most demanding and challenging terrains!

ATV Big Bore Kits, Big Bore Domes and Headshells

Recommended Manufacturers: CENTAURO and MODQUAD.
Both manufacturers offer superior yet affordable big bore kits for a wide array of ATV applications.


Centauro features Centauro Piston Kits which includes ring set and big bore. Kits include aluminum cylinder with galvanic coating design and easy-to-follow step-by-step installation guide. Centauro also has Replacement Ring Sets that comes complete with piston, rings, wrist pin, and circlips. It replaces the piston kit on the Athena Big Bore Kits.

Modquad offers Big Bore Domes, Replacement washer and O rings, Dome Sets, Standard Domes and other big bore accessories fit for various Yamaha and Honda ATV applications. Modquad big bore domes will interchange with Noss heads. Experience better ride performance at any time and any where with Modquad ATV Cylinder Heads and Domes.