KC Hilites Introduces the All-New FLEX Series LED Lights

KC Hilites, one of the world’s leading off-road lighting manufacturers, recently introduced its most unique, customization and modular LED wheels. These new lights have been made in partnership with the industrial design firm Heretic Studios. These are high performance LED lights that can be relied upon to perform at all times.
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KC Hilites has been in the business for years and these new lights are designed to take the company’s reputation to a higher level. These new lights are in the FLEX Series and are designed for those who do not want to spare a thing when upgrading their vehicles.

Introducing the KC FLEX Series LED Lights

The FLEX Series LED lights are designed to personalize and expand the lighting needs of consumers as their preferences change. This series is made up of five products that include the Flex Dual Spread Beam, Flex Array 10” light bar, Flex Dual Spot Beam, Flex Array 30” light bar and Flex Array 20” light bar. The FLEX Dual and FLEX Array 10”, 20” and 30” light bars are versatile and modular LED lights that can be joined together using connectors to stack them together or to expand the width.
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These LED lights have a patent-pending Flex Power Connection that provides a power pass-through meaning that you can use one harness to link together multiple LED lights. CEO of KC HiLiTES, Michael DeHaas, said, “There are a lot of exciting developments in the LED lighting arena and we want to continue to lead it through innovation and performance. We’ve taken our 44 years of experience plus consumer feedback to create a truly unique LED platform that protects our customer’s investment by allowing them to continue building on their initial purchase.”

KC FLEX Series LEDs were designed in Heretic Studios in Utah and tapped into KC’s 44 years of electrical and manufacturing experience while leveraging into Heretic Studio’s mechanical and aesthetic design expertise. This just shows that the lights are of high quality and can be relied upon on any conditions.
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Heretic Studios’ CEO said, “This project tested our abilities across all facets of industrial design. Designing a performance driven product with this level of modularity in a compact size was something that only our joint teams at KC and Heretic could execute. It’s truly exciting for Heretic to be a part of this strategic partnership and help create the FLEX Series platform that pushes the definition of performance LED lighting.”

By: James Langston
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