KC Lights

KC Lights

KC HiLiTES 2 Day Sale - 35% OFF and FREE Shipping KC Lights are dominating the truck and Jeep industry, and are known for their bright illuminating lights and their longevity. KC Lights are the number one preferred light among truck and Jeep enthusiast and has the reputation to outperform competitors by a long shot. We offer a wide variety of KC Lights including flood lights, light bars, light covers, wiring kits, driving lights, fog lights and more. We have the Lowest Prices and Fast Shipping on all KC HiLites.

KC Lights are not your typical lights that you buy at your local hardware store; they are better, brighter, and will last significantly longer than that of competitors. They are great for all occasions, whether you enjoy cruising down the road or completely embarking on an off road adventure with your buddy. A KC Light will illuminate the trails and can even keep you safe from dangerous areas. Rely on KC Lights for all your lighting solutions. Read More...

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KC Hilites recently expanded its portfolio by introducing the FLEX series LED lights. These LED lights were designed in partnership with Heretic Studios to ensure they are of high quality and can be relied upon on the road. The FLEX series is made up of five different products with different styles and sizes to ensure drivers are able to choose what suits their style preferences and needs.
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With KC Lights you can stay safe by avoiding hazardous obstacles in extreme weather conditions and during the night. The KC offers you a wide variety of driving lights, fog lights and offroad lights for your vehicle. These lights are available in LED & HID, as well as traditional halogen that meet your specific requirements. This type of lighting is associated with improved visibility and reducing glare particularly in the inclement weather conditions.

KC Lights More Information

KC Lights started out as a simple little quest in the garage and soared into a business. With passion and a mission, Peter Brown took his company to new heights. It is typical to see KC HiLites team of engineers and mechanics on the race track at night testing new products. KC Lights understand how critical lights are and are always striving to develop a better source of light for drivers. If you are driving with KC Lights, than you can count on the highest quality, most durable, brightest lights on the aftermarket escorting you in the darkest of night. Rely on the best. . . rely on KC Lights!

Lights serve many purposes and that’s why it is important to choose one that will meet your every need. Consider the following before choosing lights. (1.) what is the need that you are trying to fill, (2.) what color light is desired and the intensity or brightness of the light, (3.) is there a particular shape that you need and what type of housing unit will it need. We carry such a large variety of KC Lights and are confident that you will find just what you are looking for, just look!

We here at 4 Wheel Online are proud to offer manufacturers that live up to and exceed customers every expectations, and are proud to offer you with the Lowest Prices on KC Lights. We have the Largest Selection and Fast Shipping on all KC Lights. Give you truck, Jeep, SUV, swamp buggy, or any other vehicle a makeover with KC Lights.

Apollo Series

KC Apollo lights feature an extremely tuff black Polymax round housing with a sleek, flat profile. KC Apollo lights optical quality glass lens, halogen bulb and polished reflectors combine to generate a super bright, specially focused beam of light. The two axis mount provides for easy aiming. KC Apollo lights are available in 55 watt 6" round or 5" round models, and come in a choice of Long Range, Driving or Fog light patterns. And like all KC lights, they're backed by KC's exclusive 23 Year Warranty.

Daylighter Series

KC shock mounted lights began with the famous KC Daylighter® that they invented and patented in 1972. Not only does the Daylighter® use a heavy-duty rubber gasket (bulb holder) that isolates the lens, reflector, and bulb from the metal housing and elements of weather, but it also includes our patented shock mounting system.

Rally 800 Series

KC Rally 800 Series lights are the next generation in high performance lighting! KC Rally 800 feature rugged, all Stainless Steel 8 inch round housings with sturdy, oversize mounting flanges and virtually unbreakable hard coated Lexan lenses. KC Rally 800's slim profile and full pivoting base allows for a wide range of adjustability and mounting options. The results: a beautiful, super lightweight high performance light that is ready to take on any environment. KC Rally 800 lights are offered in super bright 130W halogen or ultra bright HID light sources.

SlimLites Series

KC SlimLites feature a unique 6" round steel housing with a sleek, flat profile that allows them to fit where many other lights won't. KC SlimLites incorporate high performance halogen bulbs, optical quality glass lenses and precision polished reflectors to generate a super bright and specially focused beam of light. The two-axis mount provides for easy and accurate aiming. KC SlimLites includes a super tough ABS plastic Stone Guards for added protection and great styling.

HID Series

KC has been offering HID lighting systems since 1995, and they continues to offer the latest HID technology available. Originally built on the same Metal Halide (gas-filled tube) lighting concept used to illuminate giant sports complexes, KC HID lights turn night into day. KC HID's produce a light output more than four times the amount of any other light source available. Their rugged solid state HID components will withstand the most severe conditions. The benefits are tremendous: Whiter light output, minimal amp draw, higher efficiency and much longer bulb life.

ShockMounted Series

The shock mounting system was developed as a way to isolate the lamp unit from the mounting bracket or surface to which the the light is mounted. This system successfully reduces lamp failure due to vibration and has been proven through the extremes of off road racing. Now, the shock mount system has been updated from the original to require no extra drilling.

60 Series

KC 60 series lights, referred to as Budget Daylighters, feature a high performance 100 watt Halogen bulb in a 6-inch steel Chrome plated or Black chrome housing. This Budget Daylighter uses a single bolt mounting, without the shock mount, saving you money and is rated at a powerful 200,000 candlepower Available output patterns for their 60 series lights are Long Range, Flood, Driving, and Fog.

26 Series

The 26 Series lights are available in several different lighting types for various weather and driving conditions. These types include: All Season lighting systems with interchangeable Fog and Driving lenses; Back-Up systems for increased vision and safety while backing a vehicle; Fog and Emergency lights for specific vehicle applications. Many of these types of lights are available as individual lights as well as complete systems.

35 Series

This specially shaped clear lens projects a much wider beam pattern than standard headlights, providing increased side-to-side illumination. The Wide Beam light may be used with either the low or high beam headlights for improved nighttime vision.

69 Series

The 69 series lights are the largest rectangular lights that KC offer. The all steel housings measure approximately 8-5/8" x 7-1/4", are available in either a Chrome or Black painted finish, feature glass lenses and 100 watt high performance Halogen bulbs.



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