Smittybilt Soft Shackle Rope

Soft Shackle Rope 7/16" x 6"
  - 229-SMT-13051-B
Price: $30.58
Sale Price: $25.99

Product Specs:

  • Manufacturer
    • SmittyBilt
  • Application
    • Universal
  • Warranty
    • Smittybilt Limited Warranty

Smittybilt Soft Shackle Rope:


  • Durable UHMWPE material
  • Spliced on one end and knotted on the other end
  • With breaking strength of 36K lbs
  • Easily wraps around anchor points
  • Sold individually

What's Included?

  • Smittybilt Recoil Shackle Rope

Smittybilt Recoil Shackle Rope is manufactured from durable UHMWPE material, with a breaking strength of 36,000 lbs and is designed for recovery. Plus, the 1-inch rope creates 6-inch diameter when looped. Note that it should not be used on sharp corners. This rope is flexible and effectively wraps around anchor points.