What Makes Rigid LED Lights Reliable and Efficient?

Having the right lights on your truck can create a bright night for your journeys after sunset and reduce the risks of crashing. Undoubtedly, the best choice when it comes to lights is LED lighting. Not every vehicle out there, though, is made with LED lights straight from the factory. Instead, you will most likely have to fit new ones yourself in order to enjoy hassle free driving and safe journeys.

How LED saves energy

LED stands for light emitting diodes. These lights are constructed in a rather different manner in comparison to traditional lights. The light emitted from an LED light set comes from an electric interaction between particles in a semiconductor. This is different from the interaction of gases in incandescent bulbs.
The biggest advantage of an LED light is the fact that it saves massive amounts of energy. LED lights produce light in a digital fashion, which is great because the conversion from electricity to light is highly efficient.
For the driver, this translates into saving the life of a vehicle’s battery. Remember all the times you couldn’t start your car just because you forgot to turn off the lights? Well, fitting a truck with LED lights can help save energy and prevent this from happening.

Why Rigid LED Lights?

Rigid Industries has specialized in the business of making industry LED lights for various applications. The largest industry it has managed to cover is the automobile industry. By using cutting edge electronics and technology, Rigid Industries technology products are efficient, durable, well tested, and reliable.

Testing Rigid Lights

Some of the tests that Rigid LED lights undergo to ensure high quality performance include:
A Vibration Test
- The vibration test ensures that the lights do not have any loose parts, which may make them break apart and become dysfunctional. The lights are normally mounted on a vibration machine which vibrates at a specific amplitude to emulate real off road driving scenario.
A Corrosion Test
- Corrosion testing ensures that the lights will not wear of due to rust and this is done by exposing them to rust agents such as water and vapor.
A Dust Test
- Dust can easily cloud the penetration of light beams coming from a LED light but with the kind of dust testing that Rigid industries perform on their products which is done in well-designed sand dust test chambers, you can be sure of a good view even in night-time off-road racing.
A Submersion Test
- Submersion tests are done to ensure that water does not dim the intensity of the beams that come from Rigid LED lights. This can often happen during stormy weather. But you won’t have worry about such a situation because Rigid’s lights are tested inside deep water levels using the IP-68 standard.
This in-depth testing procedure has helped the Rigid Industry products elevate to the top of the aftermarket light food chain. If you’re looking to purchase a new set of lights, Rigid Industry is the perfect choice for you.
By: Tim Snyder
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