Truck Winches

9,000lb to 9,500lb Self Recovery Winches

Comparing winches is a lot like comparing oranges. Yes, they are all orange, but there's a difference in size and taste as well as seed count and pulp density. It's the same with the plethora of winches on the market. They all pull cable, but that's where the similarity ends. When shopping for a winch, the first question you should ask is what will you be using it for. And most importantly, always pick a winch that can pull at least 1 1/2 times your vehicle weight for adequate performance. If your 4x4 weighs 5,500 pounds (with full trail gear, people, and equipment), then a 9,000-pound rated winch should do fine. Winches are rated on the first wrap of cable on the drum, and lose about 10 percent pulling power for each successive wrap. And if you're stuck in the mud, your 5,500-pound vehicle is dragging the earth with it, and acts more like a 10,000-pound immovable object. And finally, like most any product, you do get what you pay for.