KC Lights Leading the Way

KC Lights are widely known for their bright illuminating lights as well as their longevity hence they dominate the Jeep and truck industry. The Jeep and truck enthusiasts regard KC lights as their key preference.

KC lights are bright idea to any truck
The company provides a wide range of KC Lights including light bars, wiring kits, floodlights, fog lights and driving lights. The KC Lights are not your typical lights that you can find in the local shops. This is because they are brighter and durable. They are also ideal for all kinds of terrains whether on the street or off-road adventure. The KC Light will successfully illuminate the trails for you and ensure your safety in dangerous and dark places.

New C-Series Amber LED lighting

KC HiLiTES has expanded its product range by introducing the C-Series Amber LED lighting products. The new product features amber LEDs for maximum lighting. When they are off, they are clear in nature. However, when you power then on, they tend to project a unique amber beam of light. This type of lighting is associated with improved visibility and reducing glare particularly in the inclement weather conditions whereby the reflective glare produced from white/blue light can be a bothersome to your eyes and interfere with your stability on the road.

KC lights are bright idea to any truck
If you are an off-road desert racer, this type of lighting is the perfect lighting for you to encounter the heavy dust at night. C-Series Amber LED lighting is also perfect for pit crews in identifying their race vehicles as they get near the pits. Most road enthusiasts prefer these lights for their aesthetic value on their Jeeps and trucks. You can get the KC Amber C3 LEDs in pairs or individually, including complete wiring kit, two lights, a switch and waterproof connectors. However, the C20 LED and C20 LED light bars are not packaged in pairs but individually together with hiring harness.

The LED Truck Grille Product Line

KC lights are bright idea to any truck
KC HiLiTES pioneering off-road lighting goes a notch higher and introduces the KC LED Truck Grilles. The grilles include KC 20 inch or 10 C inch series LED Light Bars in addition to the 3 inch LZR LED Cube Lights but only on selected applications. KC LED Truck Grilles are classic and latest state-of-the-art mounting solutions for your Jeep, SUV or truck. The LED Truck Grilles combines great class, style and performance. These Grilles are vehicle specific and are engineered to fit like OEM. They are proudly made in the USA and come paired with C Series LED Application.

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