Touring Bike Handlebars

The most complete selections of custom motorcycle handlebars are available here. Choose from a wide variety of aftermarket handlebars made perfect for Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Harley, and most major brands of touring or cruiser bikes. We make every effort to provide the highest-quality and first-class options from top manufacturers in the motorcycle industry. Grab the best prices on Touring Bike Handlebars today!

Handlebars are important components on a motorcycle. Touring Bike Handlebars are often used to help support part of the rider’s weight, and also to provide a place to mount most of the bike’s controls including the brakes, throttle, clutch, horn, light switches, and the rear view mirrors. Our featured aftermarket Touring Bike Handlebars are a great replacement for old, damaged handlebars.

You likely are unable to come across a better method both to make your bike different and to receive the best fit than to update the o.e.m. handlebars on your bike. Irrespective of if it's low, wide, short or tall, there's a handlebar that matches your demands. Now there are a variety of handlebars from which to select. So that you can adequately choose the handlebars that work best, you need to learn accurately what you are browsing for and what selections are obtainable. First, analyze the market to discover what handlebars are obtainable, make yourself familiar with the diverse characteristics, types and charges. Second, examine your particular needs in handlebars.

Handlebars are considerably more than merely a steering gadget, they are additionally a significant aspect in the comfortable feel of the bike. Handlebars are also an critical portion of the complete image that you and your bike will express. You will need to pick out a set of handlebars that fits the image you want to put across on your machine.

The first part of handlebar investigation is to look into all that is offered in the way of handlebars. The array of possibilities can seem overwhelming, but you can make a good start by familiarizing yourself with the following significant attributes:
  • Handlebar Conversion:
    This is the phrase connected with any type of comprehensive handlebar replacement job. In a lot of instances, the riser (the top section of the front forks where handlebars hook up to the bike) can need replacement or some alteration to meet your amount of comfort. Regarding heated grips, you may well have to drill extra holes or use specific parts. Any such job is catagorized under “handlebar conversion”.

  • Low Handlebars:
    A number of riders opt for a more extreme riding posture, leaning forward and lowering wind resistance. Low handlebars permit riders to accomplish this result, provided that they are riding a motorcycle that can let it and are able to adjust the riser as appropriate.

  • High Handlebars:
    It's usually acknowledged that an straight sitting posture delivers the best degree of comfort and the least degree of strain on the wrists and arms. Ideal for touring. For lengthy trips, high handlebars could possibly be the the right selection.

  • Custom Handlebars:
    There are virtually tons diverse styles and configurations of custom handlebars but the principal points to take into account with selecting any of these styles are the amounts of comfort and control. If you can't with certainty use the motorcycle, you can assume troubles down the road.
If you have formerly used a certain set of handlebars, determine what was right or wrong about them. You may be searching for a set just like it, planning to improve, or even attempting to steer clear of any specific attributes that you discovered to be undesirable. Other aspects such as the thickness of the grips or the width of the handlebars need to be considered. Ensure you understand specifically what you want and don't reconcile for less, if not you could possibly find yourself in pain during your ride.

It's doable to swap the handlebars without modifying anything else on your bike. If you want to prevent added adjustments (and extra costs), this is likely the best method. If you observe the handlebars that you opt for, you may need to do some work on them to get them to fit appropriately. You may need to alter the riser to allow greater comfort and control. When you aren't comfortable, you aren't totally centered on your riding and that can bring about safety concerns or in the worst case situation accidents, or at the very least, present an unsatifactory riding experience. Without control, you won't have much fun or get very far. Safety is incredibly critical on motorcycles. Maximizing your safety should start with confident control.