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Our extensive line of Touring Bike Control parts and accessories include bike grips, handlebars and levers –all significant pieces in gaining and improving the overall control and handling of a motorcycle. There are a number of world-renowned manufacturers integrated in our selection that offer exceptional Touring or Cruiser Bike Control products.

Having better, much easier and purposeful control components make up a truly reliable and more comfortable ride. Control accessories are huge contributors in order to grasp much desired bike power and management. To meet our customers’ budget, we have come to offer the best prices on all our Touring Bike Control products.

Touring Bike Handlebars
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Many times the oe factory controls on brand-new motorcycles are annoying, plain, and in many cases functionally inferior. Grips and levers, in particular, could be lubricious, too long or too short or merely not complimentary to it's unique visual appeal. Most significantly, motorcycle controls need to perform flawlessly instead of simply acceptably. Safety is a necessary matter to contemplate when searching for aftermarket motorcycle control items. For instance, handlebar ends (bar ends or end weights) aid with decreasing the amount of vibration transferred from the engine via the frame and various other pieces to the grip. That vibration is unpleasantand may be dangerous by leading to hand and arm fatigue or numbness and impairment or failure of control of the motorcycle. Nonetheless, bar ends need not be unattractive to get the job done, in truth, quite a few bar end weights are extremely trendy and go a long way to go with the specific form of the bike.

Handlebar selection is a major concern to a lot of motorcycle fans. Some owners may select a low profile speed bar to deliver an intense visual appeal to their bike, some choose the modular capabilities of clip-on handlebars or beach bars which sweep back to the rider to permit a more upright sitting posture. As the main feature of motorcycle control, handlebar replacements must be decided upon intentionally. Handlebars should be a suitable length to give a relaxed riding posture and ideal control of the motorcycle in any riding circumstance. Handlebars should furthermore supply sufficient space to attach all of the necessary control elements relevant to the bike, for instance brake and clutch levers, grips, mirrors, and brake fluid reservoirs.

Speaking of which, grips are a significantly crucial element to the best and secure control of a motorcycle. Heated grips are offered for motorcyclist that ride in colder climates, padded or gel grips aid to dampen vibrations and textured grips support a more secure hold on the handlebars. Some motorcycle grips are more sophisticated and may use aspects of safety such as textured and leather sheathes with chromed, machined or polished metal.

There are plenty of capabilities and types of control levers. Here again are goods that must be considered cautiously. Suitable lever functions are typically dependant upon the rider. Length, spacing and elements all factor into the traits of a safe and trendy set of levers. The last thing a rider wishes is to come across themselves looking for the brake lever at a instant of quick choice or sliding off of the clutch lever ahead of time, sending the bike and the rider lurching forward at just the wrong time. Rugged materials are important to the quality of hand control and foot control levers. Foot levers must be quickly accessible and adequately designed to the rider's preferrences and obviously made of significant materials to guarantee that the lever is resilient and to make sure the levers don't split at the last second.

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