Touring Bike Brakes

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Brakes are an important element for any motorcycle. Maintaining them is the key in maximizing the bike’s capability to stop quickly and ensure the rider’s safety. Delve into our huge selection of brake parts and accessories. We provide excellent aftermarket touring bike brake pads, brake rotors, brake lines, calipers, and brake shoes.

Now you've inexorably gussied up your touring bike or cruiser to be the speediest, preeminent, demond of a touring bike or cruiser in the world. You've tuned it to efficiency and no other touring bike or cruiser can challenge. So it's time to discover a system to get that beast to stop. You've found the right location to get just the best thing in the way of touring bike or cruiser brakes.

You want a long-lasting, well-designed, touring bike or cruiser brake system. Only the best touring bike or cruiser brake components will be enough. We have that. 4 wheelonline thoughtfully chooses the most respected brand names of touring bike and cruiser brake systems to grace our touring bike and cruiser brake product lines. Anything you want is offered from touring bike and cruiser brake calipers, brake rotors, brake lines, brake levers and brake pedals to brake pads. We certainly have your touring bike and cruiser brake parts taken care of and obtainable at the most cost-effective prices on line.

EBC Brakes for touring bikes and cruisers include things like Double-H brake pads and the new EPFA Extreme Pro sintered brake pads and also Kevlar organic brake pads and TT series dual purpose motorcycle brake pads. EBC Brakes also delivers brake shoes for touring bikes and cruisers complete with new brake shoe springs.

Goodridge brakes utilize brand-new E-Cote plated stainless steel fittings and adapters with black PVC-coated stainless braided brake hose. E-Cote is a brand new practice which electronically lacquers their polished stainless brake fittings, leading to a outstanding “black chrome” style. Kits include bolts and washers, and Goodridge guarantees their parts forever.

Galfer’s wave brake rotors were first presented to the Motorcycle Industry for Trial bikes and then Snowmobiles, rapidly to follow were Sport Bikes and ATV’s as well as Off Road applications. All Galfer Wave brake rotors are laser cut and made of a exclusive high carbon 420 stainless steel material that has been pre-heat treated and parallel double disc grounded to ensure perfect flatness and the most effective contact surface between pad and rotor.
  • Front Sport bike units are full floating and have an aluminum center carrier.
  • Some front Off Road applications are full floating.
  • All Wave brake rotors will augment the lever feel and feed back making it possible for the rider to have a much stronger and progressive brake than other units will. (Added trailing edge on the brake pad surface)
  • Wave rotors are additionally superb for keeping mud off the surface friction plate, allowing for the brake pads resilience to be lengthened in muddy conditions. (Self-cleaning action)
  • Most Wave applications are lighter than the original OEM rotors.
BrakingUSA's main goal is creating hi-quality stainless steel brake rotors. The high-carbon-content stainless steel rotors made by BrakingUSA give exceptional mechanical traits, specifically at high running temperatures. Each rotor undergoes a particular treatment cycle to assure it is flawlessly flat. They are also subjected to a precise heat treatment course of action while sticking to the highest ISO standards. These treatments give a high coefficient of friction while lessening the amount of wear on the brake pads. Each disk is stamped with the part number, minimum allowable thickness, TUV-Abe validation and other codes used by BrakingUSA for checking the product. In their catalog, there are virtually 400 particular codes for over 2000 models of motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles.