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As a driver, your safety comes before anything else. Therefore you need tail lights to alert other motorists of your intentions. In most instances, your tail lamps will be activated when the brakes are applied. They can also be connected to the turn signal to alert drivers behind of your intentions to turn. Without tail lights, your vehicle will become a collision magnet. It will be very hard for other drivers to know when you are pulling over or taking a turn.

There are three main types of tail lights in the market. The first one is the LED tail light. It lasts longer and improves your car’s power consumption. This type of tail light does not emit excess heat, thus allowing your car’s lighting system to preserve power. The second type of tail light is Altezza light. This light offers superb appearance to the back end of your ride and it comes with separate bulbs. The third type is the third brake light, which is placed above the regular tail lights.