Moto Metal Wheels Are Back in Black

Moto Metal Wheels Are Back in Black

Everyone knows that black is one of the coolest color on the road. Not only is it stylish it is also an easier finish to maintain. To compliment the black profile on your car, Moto Metal wheels has a fine array of black wheels that will suit you. These wheels come in a wide variety of black variations. There are plain black wheels, matte black, satin black and glossy black and matte black machined to name a few.
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Gloss Black

It’s the color choice for people who like their rides a little shinier. If you want to add some spark to lower half of your car, then there a couple of Moto Metal wheels to consider. The MO962 Gloss black is a premium Moto Metal Wheel that has been polished to create a reflective tone on its surface. Though you won’t see the rim’s sheen once your wheel is fixed into the car body, the spoke area has the same kind of finish while the rim shoulder has a set of chrome studs embedded all around the wheel’s circumference adding to the clean design.

Matte Black

On the other edge of the black spectrum is the matte black range of Moto Metal wheels. These wheels erase all the sheen to give an extremely laid back appearance for anyone who is not seeking for attention,. The mature look of Moto Metal wheels however has become so popular that it’s all the rage now. Take the Moto MO957 Matte Black wheel for instance; a 5 spoke wheel with a robust build and a 6 lug design. This wheel is made for the convenience of truck and SUV owners and is more affordable due to their cast metal construction.
Toyota FJ with Moto Metal wheels

Satin Black

Satin black wheels combine a bit of the sheen you will see on gloss black wheels with the plain smooth texture of matte black wheels. An example of this is the MO961 which has seven beautifully finished spoke with this hue. The design blends in well with the inner machined face edge below the rim that is cast between the spokes.

Matte Black Machined

Now that we have seen how satin black blends in with machined components in the wheel, Moto Metal also has a range of wheels that combine matte black finishes with machined face parts. The tenacious M0963 Matte black machined for instance has a machined face rim on top of a matte black spoke section. The rim is however not exclusively machine but has striped matte black section that are interlaid with the spokes.

By: Sean Bowes
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