Monster Energy Wheels Bring Excitement to the Dub Show

Monster Energy Wheels Bring Excitement to the Dub Show

In April 2002, the Monster Corporation opened up their operations and quickly ascended the ranks, becoming a major force in the business world. Originally, as most people already know, Monster became a household name because of their energy drinks. Their fierce, green M-shaped emblem burned through the national consciousness like wildfire. Drinking a Monster could mean being able to stay up all night to party or it could mean helping a competitive and driven businessman rip apart the competition.

The Monster Energy Dub Show Tour

What some people don’t realize, though, is that Monster is not a one dimensional company. For the past few years, they’ve put a major effort into branching out into the automotive world with Monster Energy Wheels. One of their biggest and most exciting ventures in the auto world is the Monster Energy Dub Show Tour, featuring the Monster Energy Wheels. This tour gives Monster an opportunity to showcase their emerging automotive products in an arena that is all about performance, style, and innovation. Monster has even branded this tour as “The Ultimate Custom Car Show.”

Inside of the Monster Lounge (as they like to call it), there are dozens of exhibits and custom cars on display. According to the Monster Energy Dub Show Tour website, onlookers will be able to “check out the latest new cars, wheels, auto accessories, apparel, video games and dozens of vendor booths,” as well as come in contact with hundreds of different show cars. The official website says, “You won’t find this many of the hottest custom cars and trucks anywhere else.”

Pretty much, this Monster tour is the coolest ticket available for automotive up-and-comers. Adding to the excitement of the entire event is the fact that the tour also features high profile concerts and performances. In the past, artists like Ludacris, Ice Cube, Waka Flocka Flame, and Wiz Khalifa have set the Monster stage on fire with their rapturous rhymes.

There's Substance with the Style

Of course, the music and the tour is just the entertainment and excitement side of the business. Its only goal is to get people excited and bring attention to their electrifying, high performance vehicles and aftermarket accessories. So far, out of all their aftermarket products, nothing has been getting more exposure and causing more of a stir than the Monster Energy Wheels.

These Monster Energy Wheels have been proving their strength and durability amongst gear heads, gaining a huge following in the off-roading world. Also, staying in tune with their dynamic and energetic image, these wheels feature the mind melting Monster logo. If you haven’t checked the Monster Energy Wheels or the Dub Show Tour out, I recommend that you do. They are the next big thing in the automotive industry.

By: Tim Snyder
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